Prepping Your Shed for Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner. This means it’s time to begin cleaning up around the house to get ready for the upcoming warmer weather. As homeowners gear up for spring cleaning, a shed can be beneficial in helping them get (and stay) organized. However, before storage sheds can be used for organizing and storing items, they have to be cleaned up and cleaned out. Some tips to help get the storage shed ready for spring cleaning can be found here.

Begin by Cleaning the Shed

Take everything out of the shed and sweep out the grime and dirt. Put all garden equipment to the side. This should include the lawnmower, trimmer, and any other garden equipment needed during the hotter months of the year. As items are being stored in the shed, it’s a good idea to keep the equipment that is going to be needed close to the entrance of the shed so it’s easy to access.

Eliminate Unused or Unwanted Items

Spring cleaning is a time of renewal. This means old winter gear that is no longer needed should be stowed away (i.e. snow blowers, holiday decorations, shovels, etc.). To make room for these often large and bulky items, take stock of what’s in the shed right now. Get rid of any broken items or anything else that is no longer used. If there are tools that are taking up space on the floor, consider installing a pegboard or another storage solution to get things up and off the floor.

Install Shelving

Usually, having shelves installed in a shed when it is purchased and delivered involves an additional charge. However, adding more shelves can make a huge difference in how the space is used. It’s pretty easy to construct shelves using a few screws, nails, and leftover plywood. Make sure to buy higher-quality materials for this, which will keep things looking great inside the shed.

Label the Storage Bins

After a shelving system has been installed in the shed, use storage bins to keep everything organized. Be sure to label all the shelves and bins. This will make it easier to find specific items when they are needed.

Organize the Items Being Stored

While the storage shed isn’t in a person’s home, and not accessed daily, this doesn’t mean it should be messy and disorganized. Take some time to put things up on shelves or hang them on the pegboard as they are brought into the shed to be stored. By doing this, a homeowner can avoid a messy and disorganized space. As mentioned above, they will also be able to find things when they need them.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by getting a storage shed ready for spring cleaning. In the long run, doing this is going to help ensure that it is easy to find where everything goes, and it will help a homeowner declutter some items they no longer need. This is something that is extremely beneficial for all homeowners.

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