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The social media sites are ruling over the world since the past many years. But with the change in technology, these sites have changed. Each year brings new changes in the formats and functionality of these sites. And without any doubt, these social networking hubs will keep growing due to their increasing demand. The old networking sites die and disappear because they don’t follow the primary tactic of long-term staying in the market; evolving and accepting changes. As the people have become busy in their tight office schedule, they don’t find the time and energy to meet their relatives and friends that often. Keeping in mind this emerging need of the society the software developers are working their asses off to cater to these needs of the users.

Over the years, we have surely come a long way. From the days of Orkut to MySpace, the era of social media evolved to twitter and Facebook. After these, came the time of Instagram followed by another social sharing and networking application called the Snapchat.  So, which site is everybody using right now? Read below to check which networking sites are the trendiest.


Mumblit is a straightforward social media application. It is an amazing platform to spend your day and it’s a free speech social media site. It has been an amazing alternative of other social media sites. Some people do get bored using one social media platform for years, so, Mumblit is the solution for them. A lot user loved its new UI and they are starting to use it from now on. It is a startup company which has witnessed a lot of years of continuing adverse situations occurring on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other such applications, even member who subscribes to them is considered a worthwhile individual. Many other such social media hubs will instantly ban you if you try to put up an opinion, and if you raise your voice on any social issue but Mumblit is different. Mumblit is strictly against such policies and allows its users to have an open voice.


It has become a significant player both in the search world and also social networking. It has proved just how compelling visual content is and how it can impact billions of people. It is the most high-speed standalone social site that reaches over ten million unique visits in a month. Pinterest follows an attractive and instinctive pin board-style platform. And it is one of the most effective and enticing platforms for accumulating the most beautiful images which are classified into separate boards. This immensely influential site is also growing to become a huge networking giant in social shopping. It now features the “Buy” buttons right on pins of merchandises sold by some online business holders.


Tumblr is a remarkably widespread social blogging platform. It is massively used by people of all age groups, but it mainly targets teenagers and young adults. Similar to Pinterest, it’s famously known for dealing with the display of visual content. Users can create blogs in a lot of formats, customize the theme of their blogs, and also follow other users. With the following option, you can see the content shared on the dashboard feed, and also it lets you follow them.

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