Complete car wash is a service provided by Getpitshop service centre

Car wash includes many services as self serve car wash, fully automated and full service with attendants. The Getpitshop provides endless services related to the car. From the list of services provided by them, complete car wash is very important as it keeps the car spotlessly clean both from outside and inside. Washing with water is not enough as mud accumulates on the sides and bumpers which are not visible to naked eyes. The windshield which is prone to damage easily scratches on the surface of the windshield and mirrors are eventually removed by the car wash.

The car wash includes –

1 external washing

2 internal washing app is an online service center that provides complete car wash at the doorsteps.

External washing includes vacuuming, restoring and surpassing the original condition of the car. The external washing includes parts like the wheels, windows, and wheels. The washing is not limited to the use of detergents and the chemicals which remove the grease stains.

Interior cleaning includes cleaning of leather of seats and natural fibers used inside. The interior cleaning includes shampooing of internal parts and then vacuuming them so that the car has no odor and no drops of water giving a new look to the car.

The services rendered by the service centers give a different look to the car from the condition it was picked from the house of the owner. The time spent to fulfill the need of the owner. The service rendered is carried out with utmost dedication and devotion. The tools and products used to give the complete car wash are of the best quality. The quality of the result matters a lot to the service center as the shine in the eyes of the owner to see his car is the best reward for the service provider. The car which is given a perfect service regular interval of time remains in excellent condition. The car retains its finish and increases the resale value of the car.

The services of the center in the context of the complete car wash are –

Interior vacuum cleaning

The scrubbing and cleaning of AC vent

The foam washing of the front dashboard.

The door pads are foam washed.

Roof lining foam wash.

The floor mats are foam washed thoroughly.

The seats are scrubbed with foam.

The carpet is scrubbed and cleaned.

The rearview glass, side glass, and the front windshield are cleaned spotlessly.

External washing of the car parts

Washing the engine thoroughly.

The car is washed manually by skilled persons first to remove the dirt settled on the car surface. Then comes the automated car wash mechanism in which there is the use of machines to clean the car. The car is washed with high-speed water pistons. The car is foam washed too.

The interior of the car is dry cleaned after the foam wash to collect the dirt in nooks of car’s hood, grills and engine endings. The car after being vacuum cleaned is sent for application of on AC shafts, steering wheel, and hand brakes. There is an additional service available at the center known as paint correction. The car tends to lose it and fades with the passage of time. There is peeling of surface color. The branded polishing creams used by the technicians remove the scratches caused by UV rays, sun, dust, bird droppings, and fallen tree branches.

The car waxing is also done as a part of external detailing. The perfuming of the car takes place when a car is ready for delivery. This involves the waxing of the interior and installing new perfume. This makes the car smelling fresh. The owner feels as if he has been handed over a new car.

The car has few parts which should be kept in mind by the service centers while cleaning. These parts need careful cleaning by the technicians. These parts are the engine, wheels and AC ducts.

The cars have wooden and plastic interior parts that loosen up with the passage of time due to heat or extreme cold conditions. The car washing helps to restore the elasticity and tightness of these parts. The mirrors which become hazy and foggy with the passage of time due to the accumulation of dust and grime regain their visibility.

The foam cleaning includes the cleaning with a cleaner solution to remove the dust and dirt from seats, windows, and dashboard. The spray dresser is the next step when the plastic and rubber parts are cleaned to improve the aesthetics. The glass cleaners are meant only for cleaning the glasses as glasses need careful and consistent cleaning. The glasses tend to have scratches which make the glass lose its visibility. These cleaners give a spotless glass with the utmost clarity.

The service center is an online service that is rendered at your doorsteps. The car which has to undergo a service is booked by registering on the site. The model of the car is mentioned at the time of booking. The car is picked up by a skilled driver and a technician from the house. The problem which could be fixed at the place of the owner is done by trained technicians. The car is taken to the garages which are highly mechanized, have a team of competent people.

The professionals treat the car as their own car. Regular updates are sent to the owner about services being rendered at the garage. They are informed about the procedures being undertaken by the center. There is complete transparency. The car after being treated for the purpose it was brought into the garage is handed over safely to the owner.

This service center has an effective online payment system. The payment could be done by credit card. The center gives all the facilities under one roof. The people employed in the whole process are skilled, friendly and pleasing. The services are available in almost every city of India.

The reviews from the customers are also mentioned on the website to increase popularity.

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