5 Benefits of Drinking Red Wine to Your Mental Health

Time has already proven the many health benefits of drinking wine. It’s even dubbed as the ‘elixir of life’ as it helps improve longevity.

In fact, doctors confirm that drinking this delicious liquor in moderation, especially red wine, is quite beneficial to your health. But do you know that wine is also good for your mental well being?

Yes, your favorite Sauternes Bordeaux vino might just be what you need to relieve yourself from all those emotional glitches you’re feeling lately. Here are some of these benefits:

It promotes better sleep.

Red wine is made from fermented grape skin, which is known to be rich in melatonin. It’s a hormone that plays a crucial role in our sleeping cycle. It gives a signal to our body that we need to rest whenever we’re tired.

Hence, drinking a glass of wine before bedtime will boost melatonin production that will help us have a sound sleep.

It helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Red wines are also rich in resveratrol, a substance that helps repair damaged blood-brain barriers through encouraging proper blood circulation in the brain. That of which lessens the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

It helps prevent depression.

Consuming red wine at least once a day, especially during dinner time, may help minimize the risk of depression. Thanks to resveratrol again that helps reduce stress hormones to help you effectively deal with anxiety and unnecessary thoughts. Beware though as too much consumption of it can lead to opposite effects.

It helps minimize stress.

Another potent effect of resveratrol is that it functions as an antidepressant of the nervous system. It calms you down, so you tend to be less worried and anxious.

Moreover, drinking wine with our family and friends also help us cope better with stress. It also improves our self-confidence and social skills.

It promotes brain health.

Unbeknownst to many, red wine also helps in stimulating the brain cells to work double, making it more receptive to information. Studies even claim that wine perception is relative to its effect, that it’s our brain that creates the taste of the wine according to how we perceive it. It’s quite interesting!


Years of studies already justified the beneficial effects of drinking wine in moderation that extends even to our mental health. So, do yourself a favor, have a glass of wine, and bottoms up to your health!

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