Why Brands Like Bebe Are Dominating Editorial Fashion Trends in 2020

Time to ring in the new year, but this isn’t just a regular new year. It’s also a whole new decade! New year, new decade… why not make a big change and be a whole new you?

One way to reinvent yourself a little is to refresh your clothing style. A recent survey showed that American households spent an average of $1,700 on clothing and fashion each year.

To give you some inspiration for your new style, we gathered some of our favorite trends already making a splash in the fashion world this year. Keep reading to find out which casual and formal fashions made our list for 2020!

Sassy Stripes

One trend we’ve seen all over the runways is stripes, but not your mother’s pinstripe outfits. These stripes come in a variety of patterns and stripe widths.

They don’t even all need to go in the same direction! One thing we noticed though was that the stripes this year tend to be more horizontal and less of the vertical stripes we’ve seen in previous years.

Goth 2.0

This trend harkens back to the 1990’s goth scene, but with a twist. Take some dark and grungy pieces and pair them with gothic romantic pieces to achieve this look. Don’t go monochromatic black though, make sure to add a punch of bright red, yellow, or green to liven up the look.

If you love accessories, add some combat boots, leather accents, and even old fashioned looking jewelry to the new take on the goth style.

Formal Fashions for the New Decade

The swinging 20’s are back and we’re loving the throwback to rat pack formal wear and flapper dresses that look like chandeliers! Choose lots of shimmering silks and glittering sequins for these looks. Make sure your hemline grazes your ankles though because these styles are all about floor-length gowns!

For accessories, throw on a faux fur shawl or break out that old costume jewelry. The chunkier the jewelry pieces, the better!

Comfort Clothing

The beginning of 2020 is a little chilly for most of us, so comfort is the key! Think luxe warm fabrics in easy to wear separates. For locations that see lots of snow and wind in the winter, grab an oversized with a plush collar.

Colors for this trend run towards warmer neutrals like beige, gray, and off white. The goal for this style is to feel snuggled and warm, no matter the temperature!

Voluminous Sleeves

We all love a little volume to make us feel larger than life! This year, the top sleeve trend is big… and we mean big!

A big puff at the shoulder paired with a tighter fit to the wrist looks elegant as well as show-stopping! Another larger sleeve option is the peasant sleeve which puffs up at the shoulder and cinches again with elastic at the wrist.

Cyber Inspired Outfits

If you gravitate to the funky trends, this one is right up your alley! The futuristic cyberpunk style demands attention from anyone near you! Feel free to go wild with different combinations of neon colors, fun textures, and weird accessories.

This style looks like a 1990’s goth and a 2000’s raver have had a strange (but beautiful) baby! For an added flair, include some glow-in-the-dark pieces to transform your look when the lights go out.

Gemstone Glitz

Go for the glam with this style trend. Gobs of gemstones came back from the 1990s and 2000s to make this year a dazzling one for sure!

Some of the most striking looks on the fashion runways have head to toe gemstones in a rainbow of colors. We even spotted long chains of gemstones used on a model with a shaved head so it looked like she had gemstone hair!

Need more gems for your collection? View here for more great gemstone jewelry!

Furry and Fuzzy Fashions

From soft and fuzzy to faux grass fashions, this year you’ll see lots of odd-looking fashions that double as very tactile textiles! With new textile technology, the faux fabrics look and feel as good or better than the real furs. So this trend is perfect for those against animal cruelty as well.

Our favorite pieces from this style trend were a pair of astroturfed shoes and super cute fuzzy hair clips. There are also tons of fuzzy hats and handbags to choose from, and they pair with most of your normal wardrobe also!

Prim and Polished With Prints

Feel polished and poised when you stroll down the avenue in this style trend. Think rich Parisian lady, not country chic. Some of the most popular patterns from this trend are houndstooth, checkers, and tartan plaid.

To pull off this trend, pair some pleated culottes with a cute argyle sweater and a flirty blouse underneath. Need to prepare for colder weather? Throw on a structured tweed coat to top off your look!

From Fashion Trends to Trending News, We Got Your Back

Whether you dig the new funky trends or you prefer the formal fashions, we’re excited to see what other fashion trends 2020 has in store! The new decade is a great time to reinvent your style or add a little bit of fun and funkiness into your normal wardrobe.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a thing or two about the fashion trends we’re already seeing for the new year. If you need more information about music news, entertainment, movies, and much more, check out the rest of our blogs today!

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