The Warmth and Interactivity of All Ages of Geek

We are All Ages of Geek! Starting from the child in our hearts and growing with every life experience the connection we share in the fan culture of being a “geek” is powerful. With science, imagination and creativity we have all been drawn together through the things we relate most to and we proudly call ourselves geeks for it. What do we do with this connection and how do we create together?

With All Ages of Geek we are bringing the community close and letting everyone have a chance at the wheel to share what we love together. Immerse yourself in our website tailored for all your geekdom needs and a following that opens its warm embrace to all walks of life to enjoy what we share. Our website is structured to guide and welcome newcomers as well as nurture all the long term relationships with the community we value greatly. We take great care to make sure that everyone can have the best time in the fun and exciting worlds we love to immerse ourselves in.

Geek culture encompasses so much now and the All Ages of Geek touches on so much of it! Supplying content such as videos, podcasts, industry news articles, special interest articles with a growing bank of fan creations. Currently we have a wide array of original content as well as fun community shared experiences. Some of our most successful creations is our reaction series. Ranging from all levels of fandom from anime such as RWBY, Demon Slayer and My Hero Acadamia; Cartoons like Steven Universe and Star Wars Clone Wars; Popular television like The Mandalorian; and Video Game Cinematics from games like Overwatch and League of Legends. We bring together the talents of all types of generations.

Hosting a vast lineup of voice actors, writers, comedians and beautiful personalities we nurture and explore our imagination together. We have the Pop Filter podcast with hosts Erik Scott Kimerer, voice actor for popular characters such as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic in One-Punch Man and Ryuuji in Tora Dora, and Katya Stec, founder of All Ages of Geek featuring interviews and news of anything geek culture. For Dungeon and Dragons fans Dice Sesh is a tabletop rpg discussion podcast. Rounding out our current content with Let’s Play series of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Sword and Shield, God of War and many more including interactive Twitch livestreams.

We can list all the things being dreamed up and built into fruition but it would be all the more fun to have you join us along this ride we call AAOG. There’s new scripted and live content coming that the community have directly influenced. Everyone needs a team of people empowering and pushing them to new exciting experiences. We unite the geeks of all ages with the power of geek culture.

I’m Ariel, Event Coordinator and Creative Director, of the All Ages of Geek team and as one of the newest members I have never entered a group of more passionate and warm, welcoming individuals. With my interests lying in gaming, scifi, supernatural, magic and superheroes I wondered where I would fit in. As it turns out geek culture encompasses so much more than even what even what we’ve listed. Entering this world and finding out how much we have in common has opened my world up and made life so much more exciting. Discovering new characters and fandoms from the hearts of those who appreciate their essence so fully has been inspiring. I can’t wait to interact myself with the community in my own shows and share in everything geek making long lasting companions.

by Ariel Gonzalez

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