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‘Roof of the World’ is the second name of Tibet for a great reason: With an average height topping 4,500 meters (14,800 ft.), the Tibetan Plateau is seldom the world’s largest and highest plateau. It has an area of 2,500,000 square kilometers. In this article, I am sharing all the details that you are looking for your Tibet travel.

The moving beauty of Tibet:

The land of Tibet comprises of moving snow-peaked mountains hover over wide plains; zigzagging roads make their way through high tracks lined with colorful prayer banners while sparkling turquoise ponds hold in the umbra of centuries-old icebergs. It is home to some of the world’s most magnificent mountains, and the famous Everest Base Camp, Tibet, impresses even the most seasoned and a sharp traveler.

What restricts people from travelling to the land of Tibet?

Traveling to Tibet has become a contentious subject these days. A lot of western people have a strong belief that visiting the downtrodden and an enslaved country means that you are in support of China’s legislative persuasion against Tibet. A few people whom I know would never visit Tibet until it gets fully separated from the parts from China.

We believe more people must visit Tibet, so it gets the well-deserved support and attention from the other counties of the world. Travel is the most reliable form of learning and wisdom. By going there, seeing things from the ground level, and by talking to locals, you learn about what’s happening, and can, therefore, let others know about the exact condition of Tibet.

How to plan a Tibet tour?

Tourism is very limited in Tibet, and a free autonomous tour is not permitted. Foreign tourists need to arrange a visit before obtaining a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) license; only Hong Kong and Chinese travelers are allowed to access the Tibetan land without a permit. Each firm that covers Tibet tours will assist you in getting a TTB when you schedule a Tibet tour.

Without a travel visa, you will not be able to embark on a train or flight to Tibet. Besides the residents of Brunei, Japan, and Singapore, every visitor must have a valid Tibet permit in addition to a Chinese visa. Ensure to obtain a Chinese visa a month before your Tibet travel. The tour director will want it to get the TTB permit. When petitioning for your Chinese visa, do not name Tibet, and never list your profession as ‘journalist.’ You can visit Tibet all year round, but the most suitable time to plan a visit is in summer and spring. The months of April to October are ideal when the weather in Tibet is moderate. And you can access and explore most areas of Tibet. Most Tibetan festivals, including the month-long Saga Dawa Festival, the week-long Shoton festival, and Nagqu horse racing festival are celebrated in the months when the weather is moderate. Tibet travel is clearly at its best in summer and spring.

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