How to Select the Best PCB Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer for a printed circuit board is not easy. Even if you have developed the design for the PCB, the board still needs to be manufactured and for that you need to hire a specialist PCB manufacturer. The process can be a lot easier when you select the right PCB manufacturer, but choosing the wrong one can lead to a number of problems. You have to do your research into the different PCB manufacturers, but what should you look for? Let’s check out some important factors:


When you are looking for the right PCB manufacturer, quality is vital. What does this mean? This means that the board should be exactly as required and there shouldn’t be any errors. All the holes need to be drilled properly and they should also be accurately positioned. The dimensions also need to be accurate and the board should also clear the bare board test. The quality needs to be high consistently. Any mistakes can put the PCB assembly at risk and can also compromise your business. Therefore, the choice of manufacturer cannot be taken lightly.

Ability of fulfilling requirements

It is essential for you to determine whether the PCB manufacturer you are considering will be able to work according to your required specifications. They should be able to accept the formats and files that you provide and be able to produce a board as per the specifications, such as the number of layers, tolerances, the type of PCB material as well as any specific requests. It is best to create a detailed checklist in order to ensure they can meet all requirements.


Cost is one of the most important factors to be taken into account. Every business wants to reduce its cost, but you should ensure that the cost is not too low. It is a given that you would try to control the cost as much as possible, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that if the cost is too low, it could also lead to low quality. Therefore, it is vital to balance the quality and cost for achieving the lowest price for the required product.

Board testing

Good quality PCB manufacturers, such as will test the boards and will provide testing kits for making sure they conform to your desired standards. Make sure the company has the ability of doing so as required.

Beware of brokers

It may come off as a surprise to you, but there are some so-called Victory PCB manufacturers who are simply brokers. Their job is to take orders from clients and to pass them onto the company that manufactures the boards. You need to be wary of this because it may not be possible for anyone to guarantee the requirements and standards placed on the board. However, there are some good brokers that may be able to set up an order in the right way, but it is best for you to communicate with the PCB manufacturer directly.

Ability of working together

Another key factor is the ability of the company to cooperate and develop a relationship. While this can be a bit difficult to quantify, you should ensure that the PCB manufacturer is able to collaborate alongside the PCB design and assembly areas. This can bring a number of benefits and can play an important role in the choice of a good PCB manufacturer. In addition, when there is a cooperative relationship, it can also mean that all issues are resolved quickly. It can provide feedback for boosting productivity and improving processes.

With these tips, you can choose the best PCB manufacturer for your needs.

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