How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Video Shooting?

The difference between an amateur and professional shooting matters for your audience, but not when you are behind the camera. When you are behind the camera, you have many things coming in your mind, and it is impossible to cover all the stuff in a shoot, and the mistakes made in a shoot are challenging to fix afterward. In this article, we will tell you about the common mistakes that many videographers make while shooting. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the article and improve your videography.

Poor framing

It will be so annoying to see an actor chin or head cut off from the frame. It is essential to have a balance in your video shooting. Many videographers will put all the things in the middle to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. This way is also wrong. The rule of videography is to keep the subject in lines dividing the frame, the years on the top section, and movement on the third section opposite to the direction in which the actor is moving to keep space in the front. This is quite a simple way, but you will not see this is practice. You will get these things with experience working in videography.

Excessive zooming

Lower end camera does not have many options in it, but they have a zooming function in it, and amateurs tend to use its excessive amount. If you watch movies and TV ads, you will see that the zoom effect is not noticeable. Videos made by amateurs at home use excessive zooming, which results in lowering the quality of video and production of the video. Try to use the camera with your body gestures and reduce the use of zooming to improve your user engagement.


Another important thing is the use of lighting. If we see amateurs video, we will notice dark people because they are in front of the window or the sun because of irregular lighting. The secret to lighting is to have an authoritative lighting source in front of the object. If you are forced to use the light at the back of the actor to try to increase exposure, this will remove the effect of dark objects seen in the video.

Background noises

Many videographers will be affected by the background noises in the video. The microphone used in the camera captures all of the sounds of vehicles with your video noise. Try to get rid of these noises during production because it is impossible to remove the effect after the video production

No tripod

Tripod is the most crucial thing in videography because it eliminates the shakiness of the video. You will see many videos that are too shacky and are unable to see. Try to use a tripod to remove this shakiness, and it will help you to improve user engagement.


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