Exploring the Interesting Places In and Around Udaipur

Udaipur in Rajasthan is a famous tourist destination known for its beautiful palaces, lakes, and delicious foods. It is an ideal destination for honeymoon and holidays enabling tourists to get more excitement. The city is home to several Hindu temples allowing visitors to make a pilgrimage trip accordingly. Besides that, it organizes festivals that invite several tourists from different parts of the world. Anyone who wants to know more about the rich culture, dance, crafts, and music forms of Rajasthan can visit Udaipur for discovering many things with others. 

There are many interesting places to visit in and around Udaipur. However, tourists should aware of them properly before planning a trip. best resorts in Udaipur are an ideal choice for spending luxury holidays in a sophisticated environment. Moreover, they show methods to schedule a trip depending on the needs. 

What are the best places to visit in Udaipur?

  1. City Palace

City Palace is one of the must-see places in Udaipur because it has a combination of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. The palace which is overlooking the Pichola Lake is the largest complex in Rajasthan. In fact, the interiors of the palace were built with excellent inlays of mirrors, paintings, and other structures. Tourists can even access the courtyards, forts, gardens, and other things while visiting the palace. 

  1. Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir located amidst the Lake Pichola is a joint contribution of 3 Rajput rulers. It also includes some other structures such as gardens, GulMahal, museum, ZenanaMahal, and a palace. An elephant made of white marble welcomes tourists when they visit the Mandir.

  1. FatehSagar Lake 

FatehSagar Lake is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Udaipur. The lake which sprawls over 2.4kms enables tourists to take a boat ride with family and groups. Moreover, it has three distinct islands letting visitors schedule their trip with options. It is the most popular weekend destination in Udaipur that allows visitors to get more excitement.

  1. Lake Palace

Lake Palace which floats in the center of Lake Pichola is one of the must-see places in Udaipur. It occupies four-acre Island and built by Mewar dynasty royals. The palace is entirely made of white marble which has other structures such as sprawling gardens, fountains, and terraces.  

  1. Jagadish Temple 

Jagadish Temple is a major tourist attraction in Udaipur dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple has Indo-Aryan style of architecture which stands as an example of wonderful architecture with three stories. Another thing is that it comprises of painted walls, decorated ceilings, carved pillars, and other structures. Visitors can also access beautifully designed sculptures on a trip that can help to learn more about the artworks in detail.

  1. Saheliyonki Bari 

‘Saheliyon Ki Bari’ is a beautiful garden located in Udaipur which is known for the lavish lifestyles of royal ladies. The garden even has marble fountains, flowers, and four swimming pools built with marble materials. There is a small museum located in the Garden that exhibits toys, classic pictures, and other things. 

Travel tips to Udaipur 

  1. The best time to visit Udaipur is from September to March and the summer is extremely hot in the city. However, it is advisable to pack clothes that exactly the winter season to overcome discomforts and other problems.

  2. Udaipur is well-connected by air, train, and road enabling tourists to reach the destination with ease. An array of public transport options is available for visitors and they can choose them based on their choices. 

  3. Foreign nationals can exchange their currency in banks and exchange counters after knowing the rates. Banks, hotels, and large shops accept travellerchecks while making a trip to Udaipur.

  4. It is advisable for the visitors to follow the local dressing styles while visiting important temples. In fact, they should know the customs and etiquette when making a trip to local places. 

  5. International tourists should carry a copy of their passport, visa, and identity card for verification purposes. Moreover, they shouldn’t travel alone in remote and lonely areas for avoiding unwanted areas.

  6. A tourist should take care of himself or herself when traveling in crowded places to prevent thefts and other problems.

  7. It is a wise one to approach a local tourist office for gathering more information about the places. Besides that, tourists can even schedule a trip that can help to make it a memorable one. 

  8. Visitors should carry a map wherever they go in Udaipur that ultimately gives ways to avoid confusions and other problems.

  9. Tourists should carry bottled water while traveling to Udaipur allowing them to get more protection from health issues. 

  10. There are many restaurants which offer a variety of delicious foods to visitors. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid street foods for preventing health complications.

  11. Mewari and Hindi are the languages spoken in Udaipur. However, tourist guides speak English for communication purposes.

  12. Visitors can hire government approved guides when they want to tour in and around Udaipur.

Where to stay in Udaipur?

Many hotels in Udaipur offer resort services for tourists allowing them to experience world-class accommodation. Those who want to book resorts in Udaipur can search for the details from reputed hotel websites. This will help to plan a trip in advance for witnessing more excitement. Visitors should read reviews of hotel websites properly to choose the right one among them according to needs.

A reputed hotel website provides methods to compare the prices of resorts with ease that can help to accomplish goals on a trip. It is possible to book the resorts online at the best prices that can save more money. At the same time, tourists should follow the instructions while booking a hotel online for overcoming unwanted issues. Most resorts cover modern amenities for tourists such as swimming pool, spa, laundry, yoga centre, meditation room, and recreation facilities enabling them to make the trip a memorable one. 

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