Cool Accessories to Complete Your Looks in 2020

Are you ready for 2020’s newest fashion trends? Is your collection of cool accessories ready for the world to see? For many of us, accessorizing is an important part of expressing our styles.

As the decade comes to a close, many are anticipating many new accessory trends. Below, we’ve got a list of some of the quintessential accessories you’ll want to have on hand for this year. Read on to see which accessories you want to keep or buy for 2020. You can also check out Luxurytastic Reviews if you have interest in replicas of Big Brands.

  1. Bear the Cold with Berets

Hats are going to be a big trend in 2020. Berets, in particular, will likely make a comeback. The fun part is that they’re practical trends too.

Are you still reeling in the January chill? Get a stylish knitted beret to protect your head and hair from the cold. Berets are still the go-to hats when the spring hat trends come into play later in the year.

Another great thing about berets is they can match any style. Do you want a romantic look or a grungy, edgy vibe? Wear your beret in different ways and you’ll see the style difference.

  1. Oversize Your Eyewear

Have you had your prescription glasses for a while now? This 2020 may be the best time to change your eyewear. The newest trend for eyewear includes oversized glasses.

They’re also useful for days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup. Designer Frames Outlet can get you the right summer accessory.  Whether they’re sunglasses or prescription glasses, they’ll look great on you for sure.

  1. Stack Jewelry on Jewelry

If you’re a big fan of layers, you’ll love this accessory trend. This trend also works for men. If you want to give off an adventurous or edgy vibe, stacked bracelets make cool accessories for men.

Stack your jewelry to give a plain shirt a point of interest. Get creative with what you have. Ladies, this is the time to bring out those necklaces you seldom use.

Pair silver chains with gold ones. Stack chunky bracelets with more chunky bracelets. Or stay simple with a pair of stacked charms.

If your look needs cool beach accessories, go for it. Remember, go with what suits your style best. You don’t need to go crazy with the pieces.

  1. Ankle Boots, Your Staple Fashion Pieces

Finding comfortable and fashionable footwear is a challenge many women can admit to. However, if there’s something else they may admit to, it’s enjoying the closet flexibility of ankle boots. This pair of fancy footwear fits wardrobes well whether it’s in simple black leather or bold snakeskin print.

Your priority is to look for something you feel comfortable in. If you feel great in them, you’re likely to look confident wearing them. Finally, get a pair that will match any style you throw at it.

  1. Get a Wider Belt

Are you looking for a fashion accessory that you can use for different occasions? Often, belts are ubiquitous and trendy accessories. As a new decade begins, we’re foreseeing a lot of wide belts clinched around many waists.

Wide belts look stunning on form-fitting outfits. This belt type is also great for defining a waistline even when you’re wearing baggy clothes. Whatever look you’re preparing to show off this year, grab a wide belt to tie it all together.

  1. Onward We Go With Futuristic Sneakers

Wearing heels can be exhausting and unhealthy for your feet. It’s always handy to have a pair of sneakers ready for when you finally head home from work. However, right now, the fashion industry is bringing “stylish and comfortable” to a whole new level.

We’re looking at futuristic or space sneakers. Look for shoes with metallic colors, unorthodox designs, and alien shapes. Wear them with your typical blouse and skirt for an out-of-this-world look.

  1. Walk in the Sun With Wide-Brimmed Hats

Prices rank as the biggest factor that affects Gen Z shopping. This is why many people who belong to Gen Z shop for clothes they can mix and match with everything else. From there, they use cool accessories to make each look unique.

Hats with big, wide brims help make each combination stand out. For example, cowgirl hats give your look a cool, dramatic flair. Straw hats are great for the beach and other summer-related outfits.

  1. Let Long Earrings Flow

Long earrings have been a statement accessory for so long. Who can blame us for loving them? Long earrings are so fun, eye-catching, and refreshing.

This 2020, we still expect to see the dropping and dangling accessories. Which kind you get doesn’t matter as long as you get one that gives your look a lift. Use simple drops, pendant earrings, and more.

Whatever your face shape, long earrings work great to keep everything in balance. If you already have a long or oval face, you can still find long earrings with the right shapes for you.

  1. Aim High With Sculptural Heels

Now, a lot of people go crazy with what they find in clothing stores. We’re not blaming them. It’s an era of elevated fashion, after all.

A pair of sculptural heels is a great way to keep things interesting. They look great on the feet because their designs are always so imaginative. From intense shapes to sleek spheres, these architectural heels can enhance any look.

Most have quirky, fun designs that are as enjoyable to use. Others have simpler, subtler looks that still seem so artsy. Before you decide to buy a pair, make sure you consider your closet.

  1. Scarves and Bags Are Cool Accessories Blended

As the winter season transitions to spring, you’ll want to keep a few cozy scarves around. As the season transitions, printed silk scarves make a great choice for the summer fads. However, your neck isn’t the only place scarves need to be on this year.

The newest scarf trend is to have silk scarves around your bag straps. Since most bags have simple color palettes, the trend is focusing on printed scarves. However, there’s no rule against using plain scarves for printed bags too.

This is a great way to show off the knots you learned as Girl Scout. It’s also a pretty stylish way to embellish your handbags.

Stay Stylish With the Right Accessories

Discovered a few cool accessories for your 2020 outfits? Now, you’re ready to face the start of a new decade in style. As the trends come and go, remember to stay true to and in tune with your style.

Did you enjoy reading this list on cool accessories for 2020? Do you want to read more posts on fashion and keeping in style? Check out our other fashion and accessory guides now.

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