Why Cuckolding Is Not the Same As an Affair

Have you ever heard of cuckolding dating? Cuckolding dating is not same like other dating, because in cuckolding dating your partner is aware of your date, and you have the permission of your partner to date another person. Cuckolding may seem a sort of taboo to some people, but it is legit for people who are living in style. In this article, we will discuss how cuckolding is different than affair. Without wasting any time, let’s continue and start with the review.

When we think of cuckolding, the first thing comes in our mind is that are cuckolding dating and affair are the same thing? No, because when you are in an affair, your partner does not know about the person you are meeting, and it comes in cheating, while in cuckolding, you have the permission of your partner to date another person.

Cuckolding is a combination of two words “community” and “hot wife.” In cuckolding, you date another person with the permission or most usually urging of your husband.

As I told earlier that some people might feel it destructive for their relationship, but the people living in style takes it as a regular thing and don’t have a problem with the partner dating some other person.

There are three reasons that make cuckolding daring successful for some people, and they are as follow:

  • Both parties know about the situation and don’t have any problem because the person is not lying like an affair.
  • An affair is usually indicative of some deeper problem in the marriage and is an expression of the desire to escape from the situation into the arms of another.
  • Following on from #2, because this is something they share — something they do withone another and not to one another, it’s a sign the marriage is strong, secure and loving.

Cuckolding dating is good for some people, because in cuckolding dating the person is not lying and dating someone after its partner back. She has the full permission of dating another person and this is why it makes cuckolding dating successful.


If you are looking to do cuckolding dating, then I would suggest you to check sites online. There are many cuckold sites on which you can sign up, pay small fees and find your cuckold dates. If you have experience cuckold dating before, you can drop your opinion in the comment section so other people can have benefit from it.

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  1. Doesn’t matter how you interpreted, still is something that itt should resolve with a professional if necessary. If the couple has problems I don’t think that is a solution, on the contrary became another problem.
    Solution 1. Separate until you settle your own issues
    Solution 2. Divorce
    Then tray your new life

    • You are assuming the couples have problems. Although I have never clicked ….. I’m friends with two couples that have

      One has been married for 25 years and the other has for almost 20.

      It’s not for everyone, but they don’t deal with the sneaking and cheating.

      I do agree with one thing they do

      Just because you got married doesn’t mean people will stop looking good to you and your curiosity doesn’t stop.

      At least with cuckoiding ….. you can be honest with each other

  2. This is inaccurate. Cuckolding is a biological term were a female tricks a Male into taking care of offspring not his own; it’s not a ‘combination of terms’. In adult sexual terms, cuckolding is when (usually) a female has sex with (usually) a male in front of her partner (the cuck), who is restrained or otherwise unable to prevent it or get involved. It’s a type of dominance play. This article describes a basic open relationship.

  3. I thought that it meant the husband watched as his wife gets nailed by 1 or 2 dudes

  4. Great definition of what it is. Very biased. It can be destructive. Marriages are not always strong. Weak marriages may try it as well as a means to heal it. Big mistake. It’s a very minority thing. Not mainstream to heal. It’s for a very distinct personality who has the mindset for it. Love means something very different for them.

  5. If the love is there, no need for outsiders in intimacy.

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