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Encasing products or covering them in a parcel is done for many purposes. The packaging may be of paper, metal, plastic, or any other synthetic material. The major reason for packaging a product is to provide its details to the users, prevent it from contamination, and to store it so it can be used longer. Pet products like their food and vaccines are encased for the same reasons. Since the pets cannot read, providing the products’ details is for pet-owners. So, they can decide what is right for their little animal. Without any doubt, custom boxes wholesale is the best choice for pet’s product packaging. Some of the people also like to use foldable rigid boxes, if the products are luxury ones.

The boxes in which products are covered, nonetheless, can be designed to appeal to the pet, so it can play with it. The elementary question that arises when manufacturing a package is what should be mentioned on it?

Things mentioned on a pet-product parcel

If you have ever considered looking on a juice-box, or the can of cat-fish, you may know what information is given on it. But if you don’t, here we are. The most important item mentioned on a package is the ingredients of the product, and its quantities (if it’s edible). Except for this, other things that can be found on it are the temperature at which it can be stored. The manufacturers’ information and safety tips, if any, are also present on the package.

If the product is a toy or other useable thing, the package may contain how to install or use tips. All this information is used to guide the owner about the proper utilization of the pet-product. It also tells the person whether the item is safe for their pet or not.

  • Primary display panel

This is the part of the parcel or casing that contains all the crucial things needed to communicate with the consumer. These include the brand’s label and details, a short principle, and the basic constituent/s of the product. These are usually placed on packaging bags from where they are visible to the audience.

  • Size of the bag determines where the PDP is placed

For small bags, the PDP goes straight in the middle of the front portion. This is where the consumer will directly notice the PDP and will get the basic details of the product. But if the packaging is large, the PDP needs to be at a place from where it is communicated to the pet-owner. This can be the top of the parcel or in front of it.

  • Windows

As for specific food or litter products, the encasing comes with a window. The purpose of the window is to enclose the product to the customer. It ensures customer satisfaction and hence the position of windows on a product-case is crucial. The window can be on the front, top, bottom or the sides, its orientation doesn’t matter, if the product is properly displayed.

  • Target public

Product packaging must be manufactured keeping in view the target audience. It includes the demographic, lifestyle, and environmental features of your market. Your cases must not be of plastic if it is not liked by the people living in your targeted area. Similarly, colors, patterns, and designs must be following your audience’s taste and style.

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