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More than 25 million people per year visit Greece and many of its beautiful Islands. It is one of the most popular destinations for people who love to travel and explore things. When traveling to Greece you will find something for every kind of interest: ancient rich history, beautiful nature, unique architecture,  gorgeous food and much more. Are you planing a vacation? Then you should definitely plan your next holiday to Greek Islands.

The most known islands are: Crete, which has a radius of almost 650 miles of coastline, and so much history buried in it. Corfu – a beautiful Island known for its “interiors” and considered by many to be a home of Ancient Greek literature, theater and history for thousands of years. Peninsula of the Peloponnese which lies to the west of Athens and is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Corinth.

Peloponnese Peninsula is Fantastic Vacation Choice

One of the essential places to visit in the Greek Islands is the Peloponnese peninsula. Travelers love to visit this place to explore the ancient culture of Greece, and native traditions of Greek people. Also many famous historical battles were fought there.

There is so much to learn and see on peninsula, that it can be quite challenging to know where to begin. But no matter what your travel plans are, you should definitely see the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Theatre of Epidaurus

The stunning stone Amphitheater of Epidaurus is a stunning example of ancient architecture. Today you can sit on the same stone seats that people of Greece have sat on centuries ago and that is an amazing feeling that you just cannot describe. Built in the fourth century as part of a leisure complex, which would have included baths, temples, and the theater itself, the amphitheater would once have attracted crowds of up to 13,000 people.

My advice for anyone visiting this amazing place would be to give yourself some extra time to get to archaeological splendor of the site set on the mountainside of Mount Kynortio, with its views over the plain of Argolida.

Less Known, But Much Worth Visiting: Lesbos

As one of the largest Islands in Greece, Lesbos is famous for several things: wildflowers, it’s fascinating mythology, and sardines. But its utmost renown originates as one of the most beautiful bird watching sites in Europe. Devoted birding holidays in the Greek Islands introduce contributors to an island unconditionally teeming with resident and migrant breeding species, against a backdrop of diverse geography and habitats.

For people who kept off on birding holidays in Lesbos Island, valued avian skilled Richard has written a hardcover “Birding in Lesbos”, which creates a very useful orientation source to take along. But even if you don’t want famine to recite the entire book, you can get instructions to some of the most popular species, and the rich sites you’ll see can be very accommodating.

Greece has been modern in every aspect without ruining the traditional charm. Greek people have excellent hospitality. If you are an English speaking person, you should go there for holidays as most of the people can speak English there.

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