Web design trends and Evolution of responsive web design

The 2020 web design, with visual effects and bright colors, will capture the user through optical effects and dynamic content.

Main trends in web design 2020:

  • The web design will be attractive and optimized for maximum performance

This design maxim must always last and is the most difficult to achieve. It is not just about having visits, but also a good web positioning must be obtained so that the user experience is enjoyable and visibility is achieved in order to make the visits are increasing. Thus, the sitecentre geelong web designer must find the balance between attractiveness and web optimization

  • The web will show the steps of the purchase process

This web design trend will be a very productive advance for the user, since the online store will offer its customers a fast, transparent and reliable shopping experience. This will reduce the number of steps that the user must take to buy a product and show the steps taken, which one they are in and how many are missing to complete a process:

  • You will bet on asymmetric grids and retro designs

Another current trend to consider when designing a web page is that it will be distributed in a more casual way, breaking the classic column design provided by the web grid. We will also begin to see an unusual placement of the menu in the lower left corner (as long as the content is not very extensive). In other cases, the “retro” style will take over the design: the websites will adopt fluid elements (shapes and objects that are not triangles, circles or squares), as well as organic and floral elements

  • Vivid colors, gradients and giant fonts will be used

In 2020, giant fonts and variable fonts will be fashionable. In addition, thanks to IPS (In Plane Switching) technology (light panel used in the LCD screens of our phones or tablets), the intensity of the colors and their almost perfect contrast will be very useful for working with high resolution images and vector graphics.

  • The content will be dynamic and will change with the user

The content will be dynamic, because it will vary depending on the behavior of the user who enters the web. In this way, the user experience will be completely unique, depending on your gender, age, location or search interests. The most important thing is that web design can be configured according to the marketing strategy that most interests you. A great recommendation to convert Webpage to JPG is file zig zag.

  • Videos and effects will be used as visual claims

Next year will continue the trend started in 2020 in terms of the use of video, which will have a limited duration and will be optimized to the maximum so that the loading speed is lower and does not hinder user navigation. Its content must provide value, so that the user extends the duration of his session.

Evolution of responsive web design

In recent years and with the arrival of smartphones the design of web pages has had to be adapted. New screen, mobile and tablet sizes.

We can find anything on the Internet, so when we have to buy something, the first thing we do is an Internet research. More than 70% of users search the Internet before making a purchase or hiring a service. (You may be interested in this entry: improve the speed of your website with smush wordpress) And more than 60% do it through mobile devices. With this Google Tool you can check if your website is adapted to mobile devices.

  • Why the evolution in the design of your web page?

If you are thinking of designing a web page for your business, its design must be 100% adapted to all types of devices. Since studies guarantee that a website poorly optimized for mobile devices do lose 40% of traffic. In addition, with a well-optimized Responsive Website, you will make it easier for your customers to navigate your website. And if you already have a Website that is not optimized for mobile devices, get going and optimize your website for web page design evolution.

  • Evolution of functional web pages design

In the past, most corporate websites were static, simply informative websites. This has been changing and less and less static websites are being designed.

What is a functional web page?

A functional website could be summarized in a website that interacts with your customers. Such as registration system, customer area, chat (such as zendesk chat) where you can provide useful information to your customers, facilitate downloads, etc., chat to communicate with your customers, affiliate systems…

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