Online Privacy: 5 Tips for Maintaining a Secure Facebook Account

Facebook had 2.45 billion active users worldwide as of 2019.

With so many users, you’re sure to find plenty of old friends, former coworkers, and other connections. But your account is also susceptible to hackers, stalkers, and other potential security threats.

Having a secure Facebook account helps protect your personal information. The goal is to keep your private information hidden. Even people you know in real life could use that information in negative ways.

Check out these five tips to improve your Facebook security.

1. Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Facebook has a Privacy Checkup option to secure your account. You can always access privacy options in your account settings.

To keep your account secure, choose the strictest settings for each category. You can limit who sees things such as your posts and friends list. You can also limit who can add you as a friend and send you a message.

2. Limit What You Share

We all have at least one friend who overshares on social media. Being that person can not only annoy your friends, but it also puts you at risk.

Many of the things you share may seem innocent. You post about being home alone or going on a vacation. Maybe you check-in at different places while you’re out.

Even the pictures you share could reveal personal information. Taking a picture in front of your house puts your address out for everyone to know. Posting a picture of your kids in front of their school tells people where they are all day.

Your personal information in posts and on your profile can give hackers the information they can use to steal your identity or hack your account.

Letting people know you’re gone sends a signal to potential thieves that it’s the perfect time to break into your home. Checking in everywhere you go makes you a stalking target.

While you hope the people on your friend list wouldn’t do anything negative with that information, you never know who’s seeing it. Restricting who can see your info is a good start, but it’s even better to not put out that information in the first place.

3. Only Add Friends You Know

Seeing your number of friends grow can be exciting, but it also gives more people access to any information you share. To keep yourself safe, only accept friend requests from people you know. This reduces the chances of someone with bad intentions getting your information.

4. Block People When Necessary

Even if you’re careful in choosing your friends, you may find yourself in a situation where you no longer want contact with that person. Or you may find yourself being harassed by a stranger. Blocking on Facebook is an option to keep those people from finding you on the platform in the future.

5. Secure Your Account

Instead of using the same password you’ve had since high school, come up with something new and difficult to guess for your Facebook account. Change the password regularly.

Setting up two-factor authentication is another security feature that requires a code if someone tries to log in to your account from an unrecognized device. You can also review all logins to look for any that aren’t you.

Keep a Secure Facebook Account

A secure Facebook account can protect your identity, financial situation, and physical safety. Keeping your information private should be your priority anytime you’re online. Check out the rest of our articles for more useful and entertaining information.

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