Writing is an art and you are blessed if you know how to express your thoughts in a good, concise and clear manner. People don’t usually prefer to read longer articles. They are not that patient. Until and unless they find something attractive, people won’t show up any interest in reading your article.

It is possible to write less and express more. You can compress the text without losing its quality. Mostly, 500 to 1000 words are more than enough. Break a long text into two parts. But remember, there are exceptions such as the lengthy how-to-do guides, resource articles and the complicated texts written for experts as these have to be written in detail.

Well it’s not that easy to share all the ideas in a very brief manner. However, following certain tips you can be brief and factual at the same time. In this article, we have brought forward few tips shared by Hallie Walden Bagley (Founder of SmartWriting) for you which will help you write short contents.

  • Prepare a plan

Planning is the first step towards success and this is true in this case also. Many content marketers skip this planning thing. But planning structures your thoughts and gives you a visualization of what you should write. Proper planning greatly reduces your time spent while writing and polishing the content later after you have finished your work.

  • Don’t write meaningless sentences

Don’t write sentences that are irrelevant even if you find them eye-catching. Cut down the text parts that don’t add anything to the content.

  • Avoid adverbs, linking words and phrases

Adverbs and linking phrases are suitable for writing novels and essays. Their use makes texts much longer and sentences harder-to-read. These can be easily avoided and you’ll not lose your text quality also. Remove the words and phrases that do not add something to the meaning. You can take the help of Hemingway app where you can scan your text for maximum number of adverbs you may leave without making your text to look complex.

  • The text can be broken down into abstracts and complex sentences into the shorter ones

Break the text into smaller parts. This will make the article easier to read. You’ll also get to know which parts you can skip. The complex sentences should also be broken down into smaller parts.

You might be thinking that dividing a sentence into multiple parts will make the text longer. But that’s not the case. You can easily replace some sentences and phrases with fewer possible words. Avoid conditional clauses or passive voice because they make sentences heavier. Use them only when it’s necessary. You can take the help of Hemingway app as it will point at the sentences you need to compress.

  • Read the text backward

Read texts backward to proofread them, to find typos or spelling mistakes. This is particularly helpful for polishing the texts after you have completed your writing. It helps in figuring out which phrases you can remove or say in simpler words. You can find mistakes as well.

  • Showing the post to a non-native speaker

Content marketing is international so consider your international readers while writing the post. Ask them whether your text is readable? Do they find it clear and interesting enough to read it till the end? If their answer is ‘yes’ both times, publish your post.

  • Writing shorter intros

Write a short intro is a good idea. You can tell your story quickly or cite stats precisely.

  • Don’t assume the lowest common denominator

You need not to over-explain concepts in every article you write. Readers are not all the time interested in going through every fine details of the topic. Moreover, let them instigate their brain cells as well.

  • Think before you chose your words

Mark Twain has quoted that “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

If you can find the right word you don’t need to over-explain.

  • You can use some pretty pictures and good data

A picture can convey more than thousand words and a good data points worth at least ten words. So you can cut down on longer sentences if you use these. Pictures and data can in fact explain complex concepts in an easy manner.

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