How to Theft-Proof Your Windows

A house without windows is like a prison or a security vault. Windows are a vital part of what makes a house livable. Windows allow natural light in and keep the elements out.

In short, we love windows. The downside is that so do criminals. Why? They are an opportunity.

Property crime in the U.S is huge. In 2018, there 7.2 million offenses reported. Burglary represented 17.1 percent of those figures. Some statistics show that nearly a third of burglars enter the property through a window.

Knowing how to secure windows is vital. The problem is not always that windows are left open but that they are not secure. In this article, you will read about how to theft-proof your windows.

Good Reminders and Easy Fixes

Open windows are an invitation with flashing lights to say please ‘come and have a look at what I have to offer.’ It is amazing how many burglaries are committed through an open window. If you tend to be forgetful, leave yourself a post-it or reminder near your door to remind yourself to close the windows before you leave.

Most windows have a locking mechanism. Make sure your window is locked whenever you go out. Alternatively, simply leave your windows locked when you are not opening them.

It is also a good idea not to leave the keys in view or anywhere near the front door and or letterboxes. Keep them stored in a drawer out of harm’s way.

Give Your Dog a Job

It is generally agreed within law enforcement and the security industry that the presence of a dog in your home is an excellent deterrent for burglars. There are many ways as to how to secure windows but an excellent method is to have your pet dog on the other side looking through.

Of course, a pet dog is not the answer for everyone. So give some consideration to these alternatives.

Time to Get Tough

Windows on the ground floor are vulnerable to being smashed quickly by opportunists says Arcadi, MD at It does not take long to burgle a house. Some estimates indicate it need only take 10 minutes.

Therefore ground windows need to be tough. You can install stronger glass than the standard options. For example, double glazed or toughened glass designed to be break-proof is an excellent option.

Sometimes this type of toughened glass is called burglar-resistant. Professional burglars will recognize this type of glass and will select easier options.

Out of Sight out of Mind

Window shopping is not just the past time of weekend shoppers. It is a favorite activity of burglars. They want to get close and look through your windows to see if you have anything worth taking.

A simple but effective way to reduce this occurrence is by covering your windows with a filter that is either clear or tinted. An alternative is to use blinds that limit the view into the room while also allowing you to see out.

Some people prefer to use window netting that also looks very elegant. This type of material is very light with a wide thread which allows the light through the window but does not allow people to look in.

Motion Sensor Floodlights

All of the above measures will help keep burglars away from your windows and property during the day. However, burglars also like the dark.

If you install floodlights that respond to movement this will create an effective deterrent for intruders and potential burglars. You may also want to consider using lights on timers in your property. This gives outsiders the impression someone is up and about in the house.

The use of lighting is a simple but useful means of protecting your house and property. Read more now about more comprehensively protecting your property.

How to Secure Windows – Create a Prickly Reception

Your windows are a potential entry point to your property so you can take extra precautions to protect these areas. For example, it is a good idea to plant the area near the window with prickling plants and/or thorny bushes.

You will be amazed at how offputting this is for an intruder. In contrast, avoid planting trees near windows which will allow intruders to climb and even get closer to the window so it can be broken.

Specialized Window Locks

These need not be expensive or difficult to install. A good example is a hinged wedge lock. This prevents a window from being fully opened. It can be set at a height that will allow your window to open and let air into the room for ventilation but not far enough to allow a person to crawl in.

The hinge allows you to fold the lock out of the way so that the window can be fully opened whenever you want. These types of locks are very useful for the windows on the ground floor that you want to have partially open for ventilation.

There are lots of variations on this type of window lock. They do not tend to come as standard but need to be fitted as something extra. However, they are well worth the effort.

Close Your Window to Crime

In this article, you have read about how to secure windows. It does not have to be complicated but with the addition of additional locks, good lighting, and even specialized glass there is much you can do to close your window to crime.

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