How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

All the excitement of New Year’s Eve has died down. Now, that you’re not bolstered by champagne and the exhilaration of a fresh start, you’re afraid that you can’t commit to the big resolution that you made. Before you throw in the towel, you should read this to figure out how to stick to your resolution.

You’re not the only person who gets down in the dumps about their resolutions only a few weeks after making them. It’s an all-too-popular problem. Statistics show that an estimated 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February, only lasting for a month and a half.

Why do they fail? It’s often because people set themselves up for failure in several ways:

  • They don’t ask for professional help
  • They consider it a chore, not an aspiration
  • They don’t use a support system

It’s possible to stick to a resolution when you make the right moves.

Resolution: Getting out of Debt

Accomplishing most financial goals will be hard but getting out of debt is its own special challenge. Trying to do it all alone is setting yourself up to fail. You need a professional’s expertise.

If you’re hoping to chip away at that mountain, you should seek out a licensed insolvency trustee. Insolvency trustees help people get through serious debt and bounce back from bankruptcy so that they reach financial stability. Whether you’re looking for credit counselling, debt management or a consumer proposal, they can guide you through it.

Resolution: Getting Fit

People often sign up for gym memberships in January in hopes that they will go to the gym and finally get fit. But, if you don’t like the routine of running on the treadmill or lifting weights, you’re not going to be motivated to pack up your athletic gear and squeeze in workouts during a busy week.

The problem is that you’re turning your resolution into a difficult chore. You’re forcing yourself to do something unpleasant, instead of encouraging yourself to do something rewarding. It’s much easier to stick to your resolution when you’re enjoying yourself. So, commit to joining an exercise class that’s exciting like indoor rock climbing or swing dance lessons.

These are some more activities that will keep you happy and boost your fitness:

  • Barre classes
  • Kickboxing
  • Zumba
  • Skiing
  • Ice skating
  • Swimming
  • Hiking

Resolution: Read More

If you’re not a habitual reader, it can be difficult to keep your nose in a book for too long, especially when you’re taking on an ambitious challenge like 52 books a year — or even 100 books a year. So, how can you stick to the resolution? Get a support system.

Join a book club. Then, you won’t be just reading for yourself. You’ll be reading to be a part of a group. The move will hold you accountable to your goals and get you to bond with likeminded people. If you’re shy, you can join a silent book club — this is where people gather together to read quietly in the same room.

The statistics about New Year’s resolutions are discouraging, but it doesn’t mean that your goals are going to fall to pieces. When you follow the right strategy, you’ll be surprised that the resolution lasts longer than a few weeks and eventually succeeds.

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