What Makes A Restaurant Successful?

When you run your own foodservice business, the hope is to see it grow and become profitable. With your million dollar concept ready, you start to think more about what makes a restaurant successful. While no restaurant is the same, there is always a common denominator for profitability across the industry.

A Kickass Business Plan

Running a business will always come with risks, which is why you don’t charge empty-handed. You hatch a plan, and a solid one at that. A business plan is your starting point. It is where you build and define what your restaurant is all about and how you plan to make it profitable. Here, you will outline specific attainable goals and realistic financial and profit projections. You will detail every single thing–what menu you plan to offer, the expenses (you should have enough funds to cover the first first six months or until it starts generating profit), your marketing strategy, hiring and training, and your competition.

What makes a restaurant successful is a well-thought out business plan that will not only guide you all throughout, but also help you convince investors and lenders to finance your restaurant business.

Proper Equipment

Your equipment will determine the efficiency and productivity of your operation, so it is safe to say that part of what makes a restaurant successful is reliable equipment in your kitchen. You absolutely have to find the proper commercial kitchen equipment that will support the volume of your production.

Used restaurant equipment might be enticing for new business owners due to the lower upfront costs, but the extra money you shell out for brand new equipment guarantees you a few things vital to what makes a restaurant successful.

For one, it is hard to track the detailed history of the maintenance and issues of second-hand equipment. With brand new equipment, which are now mostly designed with features that make routine maintenance and servicing much easier, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises. You enjoy a greater degree of predictability, which empowers you to prepare, and not to mention warranty and full service life. Additionally, servicing and replacement parts will be easier to seek out. Your supplier will likely be able to offer reliable customer support and assistance.

If you plan to order produce and other ingredients in bulk, you might want to consider adding a walk-in fridge in your kitchen. If space is an issue, reach-ins are great alternatives since they make them with multiple sections. You might need more than one though, which means you’ve got additional compressors running, so keep that in mind.

If you will offer a lot of baked goods, be sure to have the right bakery equipment in your cookline. You might want to get a convection oven if you will be cooking a lot of roasted meats and vegetables or baking a lot of cookies.

Understanding of Restaurant Processes

What makes a restaurant successful is a set of management skills and understanding of the day-to-day operations. You as the owner should be knowledgeable about every step of the food production. Keep close attention to your inventory to make sure it is utilized efficiently. This helps you prevent food waste and using more than you should. Keep track of how inventory is consumed during the busiest and slowest hours. This  can pinpoint the menu items that are the most profitable.

Little Things

It is easy to get lost in the big picture when planning a restaurant that you forget that oart of what makes a restaurant successful is paying close attention to the little things that can affect the overall experience of a diner. They wouldn’t appreciate having to go back to the counter for a napkin, which should already be provided to them in the first place, or finding the condiment or cutlery station empty.

Your restroom should be clean and equipped with neccessary supplies. Provide adequate elbow room and choose comfortable but stylish seats so diners can enjoy the meal.

Final Thoughts

It is a real challenge to keep a new restaurant afloat, but with enough preparation, the right commercial kitchen equipment, and the commitment to high-quality service, you are setting yourself up for success.

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