INTERVIEW: Entrepreneur Kieran Bedi

Hello Kieran Bedi! How are you?

Hey, I am great thanks.

Where are you from?

I am from London. But I’ve lived between the English countryside and London for the past ten years.

How did you become an Entrepreneur?

I was stuck in the bubble of school and wanted to extend my knowledge. My extended family contains lots of entrepreneurs and I saw them as role models. This ultimately led me to start my own venture, Lupaura London, and educate myself about the financial and business world.

How did you start your business?

I actually started the business in the first few months of 2018. However, due to poor planning it was an unsuccessful launch. This motivated me to plan out the business better and a year later, with help from my brother Rohan, we re-launched the company. I took charge of product sourcing, content and social media marketing and my brother helped with market research, broader marketing.

What are the challenges of being an Entrepreneur?

As a teenager, I faced lots of doubt. People always told me that I am too young and I won’t be able to start a successful business. However, this just motivates me to prove them wrong.

What are your goals for 2020 as an Entrepreneur?

In 2020, my main focus will be scaling Lupaura into a large scale business and to cultivate our target audience into a specific market for our brand. I am also developing a possible future venture, specializing in first-aid medical drones which are faster and more versatile than ambulances and fire engines.

Who would be your dream person to work with in business?

I personally admire Grant Cardone due to his knowledge in scaling businesses and investing. I believe that he could be comparable to a mentor and help me build the future.

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