How to Select a Pet Portrait Artist

Pets are like a family. With proper care and attention, they help you spare your leisure time in enjoyment. If you have one such pet without whom you feel your family incomplete, why not get a portrait for it? So, whenever you want, you can look at the portrait and revive the beautiful memories.

But we all know that getting the right artist for a pet portrait is not an easy task because you will seldom find one. And those you find provide services no doubt best one but at extremely high rates. This guide will help you get the right pet artist with a cost that does not put a burden on your pocket.

Before getting the right portrait artist, you need to follow these necessary steps;

  1. Find the artist: The first and most tiresome task is to find an artist who can make a pet portrait. They are very rare, and most people find it challenging to portrait your emotions as you want. Creating images, whether humans or animals it is an art, and every person has a specialty in one, not both. So you need to select the right person who claims explicitly to be a pet artist.
  2. Look into Artists’ portfolio: If you still want to confirm the artists’ work, you can check his portfolio by looking into the webpage he is having. Apart from that, several social media web pages can provide you a review of the artists’ work. And the best option is to get information from your social circle. You will get a detailed idea about the type of work, the color combination, and the and the size of the portrait they make.
  3. Cost of portrait: The price of a good portrait varies from $200-$1000. It depends on the artists’ work and the medium they use for the picture. The portraits made from oil are the most expensive, with those made from charcoal and pencil least costly. Most of the artists have a fixed price, but they might reduce the cost if you need a favor.

With Good Boy Art you can get your pet portrait in three simple steps;

  1. Choose the right custom design: We have custom pet portraits, and you can select one of your choices. With several superhero portraits, you can change your pet into a superhero.
  2. Select the image to be portrayed: The second and crucial step is selecting the right model for making a portrait. The pet does not know how to pose for an artist. And don’t make the artist angry while demanding for a portrait of pet sitting in front of him. The image of the pet should be clear with high resolution for getting a perfect portrait. Most of the images are a close-up of the pet face. You can take the picture by yourself or hire a professional photographer for this purpose.
  • Set order: While you have provided the relevant information and material, you can relax at your home for the order to get complete. We do provide quality work though it takes a time of 4 weeks. It is because of the several orders we receive.

So, what are you waiting for, immediately place your order and get a superhero portrait for your pet?

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