How to Make WhatsApp group Invite Link and Increase member?

Whatsapp is now trending at the number one position among social networking applications. At present, we can easily find this application on any smartphone. Whatsapp now identified and being used globally for sharing messages, images, videos, status, and much more. Apart from personal chatting, whatsapp also offers the feature of group chat. For performing this, you have to create your whatsapp group in which you can add a limited number of members.

In case if you want to share any official information with a large group of people, then instead of sending and replying individually to all, it will be more comfortable with making a group and communicating in that. You can use whatsapp group for both personal and professional discussions. There can be few people who are not aware of setting up a new group and feels shy in asking other people. For those, I am here providing a complete stepwise guide on forming a new group.

Let’s begin our tutorial.

How to create a Whatsapp group

As you are willing to create a new group, you need to follow a few simple steps as mentioned below:

1. At first, open your whatsapp application

2. In your smartphone at the top right corner, you will see three dots, click on it.

3. A dialogue box will appear where the first option is of the new group. Click on it.

4. Next, you need to select those people from your contact list with whom you want to make a group.

5. After selecting contacts, click on the arrow option present at the bottom right corner.

6. In the subject, column, give any name to your new group.

7. Check ✅ the option, and you are done.

8. Now, all of you can communicate in a single place.

How to invite people via group link

This is the next step after creating a whatsapp group, and if you are not having all members in your contact list, then you can also invite them by sharing the link of your particular group. For inviting people through whatsapp group links follow below steps,

1. Open the group that you have created recently.

2. Click on the top of the group name. The list of members will open

3. Below the option of add participants, there is another option of invite via the link. Click on it.

4. After it, a new invitation link to your whatsapp group will generate.

5. Now you can share this link to different users or at different platforms. Any person who is interested in joining your group can click on the link for doing the same.

Note: If, in any case, you want to discontinue the link, then also you are having an option for doing the same.

Steps to discontinue the group invitation link

For revolving or making the link non-working follow below steps:

1. Go to the section where you will see the list of members.

2. Click on the option of the invite link.

3. A new dialogue box will appear with different options.

4. Tap on the last option of Revoke link

5. A confirmation box will appear to click on the revoke link option again.

After completing these steps, the particular link will become non-functional. Now, if anyone will click on the link, then the user will no longer be able to join the group.

Note: These steps are valid for all interfaces like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. Every whatsapp user can create their own group by adding the targeted members.

Apart from the invitation link, there are different ways by which you can easily invite other people to your group chat. One such option is an invitation through QR code. If you have made any new group and do not want other people to message or want to restrict unwanted texts, then you can choose the option of restricting group members. It will allow only admins to message in the group while other members will not be able to send any texts or messages.


I think I have added a lot of information related to the whatsapp group. By following the above steps, you can easily create any new group and are also able to invite people to your group. The last thing that I want to mention does not share the invitation link at any irrelevant place as it may give access to nuisance. Some unnecessary people may get your contact information and will bother you later.

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