The role of Artificial Intelligence today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably one of the branches of Computer Science that is experiencing more growth nowadays. Even though it was born more than 70 years ago, it is in a historical period where it has generated more interest because of the revolution it has caused on the market today.

Until very recently, there were limited computational capacities that made Artificial Intelligence produce very poor results on the problem being applied, which resulted in several periods of historical dissatisfaction in the industry and considerable reduction in both interests. In this case, discipline on the number of dedicated researchers.

However, in recent years Artificial Intelligence has gained enormous momentum, able to solve problems with computers that were previously thought to be impossible, reaching levels that had never been reached before. Even mobile devices benefit from research in this area, for example, through keyboard predictive text, fingerprint screen unlocking, or face detection on a frame taken by a camera.

Several reasons that have functioned as AI takeoff machines can be listed, but the democratization of computational capacity stands out with particular emphasis, especially since 2009 with the publication of the first scientific article about the massive parallelization of AI calculations using GPUs and others in 2010, to demonstrate their use in automatic recognition of handwriting, exceeding for the first time the capacity of humans in this task. In this way, Artificial Intelligence gets its name because of the ability of electronic devices to solve problems that require intelligence and that, in the traditional way (programming), cannot be solved on a computer.

Looking back, the birth of Artificial Intelligence occurred more than 70 years ago, in the hands of Alan Turing, considered the father of this discipline. In 1936 he compiled a computational model, which consisted of heads on an infinite long band that could read, write and scroll. This computational model is called a Turing machine, and it is possible to represent any computational operation, in other words, any computation can be reduced and represented by a Turing Machine. This raises the following question: If the brain exerts computational operations, can it be reduced and represented by the Turing Machine?

If this is possible, it means that operations that we consider to be intelligent can be carried out automatically, such as the detection of objects in an image, the classification of sounds, or even the proper functioning of brain awareness. We cannot assert that the latter may occur, however, there is progress in simulating or approaching intelligent behavior, which is why subfields have emerged in the fields of Artificial Intelligence such as Computer Vision (CV), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The Japan’s case: Matchmaking

In Japan, a country with a high level of technological development, AI has played a more important role in matchmaking. AI devices began to be used to provide a picture of a potential partner only through the touch of a hand. It seems that the intelligence will be a determinant factor in matchmaking, today and in the future. You can find more information here. It seems that Artificial Intelligence begins to have the maturity to be applied in solving problems which until a few years ago were deemed unsolvable by machines. And one important factor in this phenomenon is that AI systems can operate independently like “living things”. This system is able to regulate itself, act like thinking beings, and that’s why the reason is called Artificial Intelligence.

In short, Artificial Intelligence is the future of humans. We as humans cannot escape this reality. All we can do is make sure it works according to human norms and ethics. Hopefully this article can provide an overview of our future.

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