What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Happy Endings’

You may have heard that Friends was about to leave Netflix. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth on social media. For whatever reason, Friends was one of the most-popular series on Netflix. Yes, this sitcom from the ‘90s was beloved by Netflix bingers, especially teenagers, evidently. Now they don’t have Friends anymore. They have to wait for it to show up on HBO Max, if they decide to spring for that.

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Personally, I greeted this move with a shrug. I’ve never been a big fan of Friends. It’s not a top-10 ‘90s sitcom for me. However, if you loved Friends you may be looking for a new hangout sitcom. I’d recommend New Girl, but I literally just did that. There is a contemporary show of New Girl that existed under the radar, though, and I can recommend that. You may have missed it, but consider Happy Endings for your next binge watch.

Like basically every hangout sitcom, there is an establishing premise that gets you into the world of the show, but then it’s just characters chilling and cracking wise and having fun adventures. New Girl started with Jessica Day needing a new place to live, she found a spot in a lot with three dudes who thought she was weird, and then they figured it all out with the characters. Even Friends began with Rachel leaving a guy at the altar. Happy Endings couldn’t help but feel like a Friends close because of its original premise. Also, because it focuses on three guys and three women. The show begins with two of the friends breaking up, the two friends who originally brought the group together. That was the basis of the plots for the first few episodes, then that was abandoned for the whole “friends hanging out” vibes.

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That’s where Happy Endings found its strength. It was a very joke-happy sitcom. The cast featured some talented people like Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson, and Adam Pally. Unfortunately, the show had trouble hooking into an audience despite the talent and the quips. Maybe it felt too similar to Friends or New Girl for people. Happy Endings lasted for three seasons and 57 episodes. That’ll make for a simple enough binge, though. The show is currently on Hulu for binge purposes. You can’t watch Friends right now in the realm of streaming, but you can watch one of the better Friends clones out there.

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