Hitting the Trails: How to Get Better at Running

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The benefits of running are undeniable, but what if you struggle to improve your running skills and start to lose motivation?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a life-long runner or you’re just getting started—there’s always room for improvement. Fortunately, learning how to get better at running is easy and just requires determination and patience.

Keep reading for some great tips to improve your running skills!

Prioritize Recovery

You might think that in order to get better at running, you need to be running every day. However, this can actually hurt your ability to improve because you’re not allowing your body to rest and recovery.

Also, running without allowing your body to recover can lead to bad injuries like pulled muscles, knee pain, or shin splints.

Limit your running routine to three or four times a week. You can sprinkle in other activities like strength training on days you aren’t running. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get enough sleep so your body can easily recover.

Improve Your Form

Your running form is important to improve your endurance and time, but also to prevent injuries.

Check out this guide for a detailed overview of the proper running form.

Many people naturally run incorrectly so it can be difficult to correct right away. Try making small changes to your running form to make the transition easier. Focus more on your form and less on distance until you have corrected your form completely.

Run On the Right Surfaces

There are plenty of surfaces you can spend your time running on, such as pavement, running tracks, gravel, and dirt. Each possesses its own benefits, but if you’re struggling to improve it might be time to try out a new surface.

Read more here to learn about running track surfaces. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate running shoes for whichever surface you choose to run on to avoid injury and improve your running.

Don’t Skip Strength Training

If you want to become a better runner, you need to do more than just run. You should be alternating days between running and strength training.

Weight training will not only improve your running time, but strengthing your muscles can decrease the likelihood of injury while running.

Be Patient and Persistent

There are going to be times where you’re doing everything right but still struggle to make improvements. This can be really demoralizing and lead to people just giving up.

It’s important to know that it’s normal to hit plateaus and to persevere through them. If you stay patient and persistent with your running routine, you will continue to improve over time.

How to Get Better at Running: Use These Tips!

Learning how to get better at running is easy if you follow this guide and stay motivated. If you hit a wall and find yourself struggling to improve, don’t give up and try tweaking your routine to start improving again.

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