9 Tips On How To Talk To Girls

Talking to girls can seem intimidating, however with a little knowhow and some advice – which we offer below – you can talk to girls with ease.

  1. Give Her Lots Of Compliments

A little bit of flattery can go a long way when talking to girls. Once you learn how to give girls compliments, approaching them becomes a lot easier. The key is not to go overboard. If you give her too many compliments, you could make her feel uncomfortable. For instance, if you start by complimenting her outfit, wait until later in the conversation to tell her how great her hair looks. Try to allow the compliments to flow naturally rather than forcing them.

  1. Become More Confident

Girls are naturally drawn to guys who have a lot of confidence. At the same time, however, they generally don’t like people who are too pushy. If you tend to be shy or timid, you should focus on improving your confidence. If you don’t know how to on your own, talk to one of your trusted friends. They may be able to help you find ways to start feeling more confident. Some people use phone lines such as phonesexnumbers to improve their confidence in speaking to girls. Building your confidence will not only help you accomplish more in your life but it will also make you more attractive to women. Your body language says a lot about your confidence level.

  1. Talk Openly

In general, guys are pretty reserved when it comes to talking about their feelings, things that make them insecure, or what they want to accomplish in life. This is particularly true the first time you are talking to a girl. If you want to really have an impact, however, you need to be willing to open up. When you have more meaningful conversations like these, it naturally creates a bond between you and the girl.

Girls like guys who are willing to show their vulnerable side. They understand how difficult it is for most people to open up to others. If you are willing to take a little bit of a risk to talk about deeper things, carrying on a conversation is a lot easier and more impactful.

  1. Talk About Subjects That Pique Her Interest

Think about what topics she might be interested in. Some subjects that you may want to consider include excellent restaurants in the area, places that you have visited, some of the most interesting movies that you have seen, or other topics that she may be able to relate to. Having interesting things to discuss can make talking to a girl a lot easier.

  1. Connect On An Emotional Level

If you want to make a deeper emotional connection, consider talking to her about either the best or the worst things that you have experienced during your life. Whether it was something that took place when you were a child, something that you are passionate about, or an event that took place during college, opening yourself up helps create a sense of trust. As a result, she will be more likely to speak openly to you, as well. As long as you practice active listening and fully participate in the conversation, these types of discussions can help you begin building an emotional bond.

  1. Avoid Ogling Her

When talking to a girl you are interested in, avoid staring at her breasts or at any other part of her body that might make her uncomfortable. Most girls are offended by behavior like this. To make a better connection, focus on making eye contact or looking at her face while you talk.

  1. Don’t Ask About Boring Topics

When coming up with questions to ask her, avoid cliché topics like asking her what her favorite color is or where she is from. Instead, think of questions that are a little bit more unique. For instance, you could ask her if she likes to swim. Alternatively, you could mention that she doesn’t seem like she is from Texas. By setting yourself apart from other guys, you naturally will seem more interesting. As a result, she will be more likely to consider dating you. Although this can be challenging the first few times you try it, it is a technique that is worth mastering.

  1. Try Making A Statement Rather Than Asking Questions

Rather than asking a never-ending stream of questions, make a statement. She will still respond as if you asked her a question. However, it will help her see you in a different light. If you get something wrong, she will no doubt correct you, which can be an effective way to start a conversation. If you get it right, however, you can build an instant connection and can leave her feeling impressed.

  1. Be Ready To Meet Her Again

After your initial contact, you should always be prepared for the next time you run into her. Be consistent with your conversations so that she knows you are the same person. Women are drawn to men who are confident, self-assured and consistent since these are all signs of someone who is mature.

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