The Best Ten Photo Locations in London

Photos are the best way to capture happiness and adventure. Around the world, people take millions of photos daily. Taking pictures is the best way to capture your moments while traveling. If you are going to London and you don’t know the best places for taking photos, then you should read this article. Discover the best photo locations in the London and capture memories.

In this article, we will tell you ten best photo spots in London. Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the article and review the places.

House of parliament from the south bank

This is a fantastic place to fill your gallery with photos. From the south bank, the houses of parliament and big ben look awesome, and you can cross Westminster Bridge for a close-up. You can also capture the view of the London eye and south bank. While you are here, why not travel to the coca-cola London eye and capture some panoramic photos of London.

St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge

With a little walk down the river of the south bank, you will reach the Millenium bridge. This bridge runs between Tate Modern and St Paul’s cathedral and offers magnificent shots of both places.

Tower bridge at More London

Travel to More London by walking down the river, and you will find an excellent angle for the photo of the tower bridge. From this point, you can capture pictures of the Tower of London as well as some of the recent additions to London skyline like the gherkin, and the view from the shard.

Leake Street graffiti tunnel for street art

you can snap a lot of photos to capture the urban vibe of London for your Instagram feed. The best place to capture the best picture is the leake street graffiti tunnel near waterloo station. This station is also called the Banksy tunnel.

Abbey road

If you are a fan of the iconic Beatles album cover. You can get your friends and recapture the [hoto on Abbey road zebra crossing. This place has become the pilgrimage point for the fans of fab four. While there, you can also take a tour of the world-famous Abbey Road Studio Two. Other notable names who have recorded here include Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Elton John, Oasis, and Adele.

Richmond Park for the long view

London looks great from a distance. You can travel to Richmond Park to get a view of St Pauls. This place is so right and is protected by urban planning laws. If you are on the north side of London, you can check parliament hill at Hampstead heath, promise hill or Alexandra Palace.

Folks, if you are in London and need to take photos, then you can check out the locations given above, and you will take pictures that will get many likes on your social media.

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