Hi Justin, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Been great, thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your latest EP, ‘Don’t Trip Like This’? How was the writing and recording process?

I made both songs on my laptop while on tour! Headphones and a computer go a long way [laughs]

Did any event in particular inspire you to write these songs?

One night, I got home from a show and couldn’t fall asleep. I was kind of frustrated by the show and needed to blow off some steam by making something more aggressive. That’s how I made like this. Also, I’d been studying counterpoint from a music theory teacher. And the deadmau5 sounding moments were definitely inspired by that technique

On that note, you’ve introduced a very special new project, Fastboi88. What’s the story behind this?

Not much is known about fastboi88 as of yet. I’ve heard he likes going fast, doing yoga and giving really cheesy annoying life-coach advice.

What inspired you to go the newer direction that you’re taking the Fastboi88 project, and why did you feel it more fit to start a new alias rather than group this new music in with your regular repertoire?

Fastboi88 has a mind of his own. We often get into beef online. He’s pretty annoying honestly, kind of pretentious and not that nice of a dude. Hopefully he starts taking his own advice and becomes more pleasant.

Where do you plan on taking Fastboi88 in the coming months? Tour? Album? 

I heard he’s finishing up an album and like half a dozen EPs. I can’t take him 100% seriously though, so we’ll see what he comes out with. And no way, that dude wouldn’t be able to get a gig to save his life! Way too high maintenance. He’s a big diva.

Any plans to release a video for any of the tunes on the EP?

Fastboi88 dropped a 30-second workout montage for his remix of don’t trip. It’s pretty tacky, to be honest.

What’s the story behind the title of Don’t Trip Like This?

One song is called “Don’t Trip.” Another song is called “Like This.” I simply placed both names of the individual songs in a sequence to create a whole new title, for the EP.

What were some highlights from the ‘Fantastic Voyage’ anniversary tour you’ve been wrapping up?

My favorite show was San Diego on Halloween. Had an extended set. It went all over the place, was really really fun. ‘A-Ha’ by Take on Me mixed out of ‘Shadowax’ by Mortal talking was a life-time DJ highlight. Gnarly 170bpm techno into cheesy 80s pump up anthem. Fastboi would’ve been proud.

How does life on the road influence or inspire your writing? Do you get to brainstorm some ideas, or do you usually find your creative drive elsewhere?

I love making music. On the road, there’s a lot of time to kill on planes, etc. Perfect for messing around on the computer, making beats. Also trying to crank out a song in time for the gig that’s about to begin is great. Love a tight deadline!

What else is happening next in Justin Jay’s world?

New Justin Jay album in 2020. First single drops in January. Let’s go!

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