How to get the best results doing permanent hair removal at home

Due to the advancement of technology permanent hair removal at home is no longer out or reach for many women. Before the normal process used to be visiting a doctor or a therapist to have this procedure done which could become time consuming not to mention expensive.

However, over the last decade or so there have been major improvements in being able to permanently remove hair in the privacy of your own home and achieve similar results as was previously seen when using professional services.

In our opinion there are four different types of permanent hair removal at home methods that you should consider using. As always, the advice is too consult with your doctors if you have any doubts about any of the methods mentioned here. Along with this advice always do a comprehensive research of any product that you decide to use as there are many products that are rip-offs and scams, especially on the internet.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home – Electrolysis

One of the most effective permanent hair removals at home methods is electrolysis. This procedure uses a very thin metal robe that is popped into the hair follicle. A small amount of current is carried through the needle which would destroy the follicle. This therefore causes permanent hair removal at home.

Home electrolysis kits cost $40 to $50 per set. It is better to check if the kit you would buy does indeed have a needle or metal robe to be inserted into the follicle as those that do not have this will not effectively work.

This however is a lengthy procedure to do because hair should be removed one at a time. For those who have thick hair, this permanent hair removal at home method is not ideal. If you do not know how to perform this, chances are you may destroy your skin accidentally. This should therefore be done by a professional.

Hair Removal at Home – Depilatory Creams

Another product that can offer permanent hair removal is a depilatory cream. This has chemicals that destroy the hair root. This however can burn you if your skin is sensitive and if you get it into your eyes. This product melts unwanted hair when it is applied thickly and smoothest the skin. Hair grows back after a long period.

It is better to test a tiny amount of this cream on your skin to see if an allergic reaction follows. This treatment is therefore not suitable for those with sensitive skin and with allergic reactions. There are ointments that should be applied two times daily to achieve better results. When it is discontinued however, hair will grow back.

Hair Removal at Home – Oral Medication

Another permanent hair removal remedy is by taking certain oral medications. They specifically hinder the growth of new hair thus reducing hair. Such a medication minimizes the high level of androgen or testosterone in women as these hormones in women make hair grow rapidly and thickly. This permanent hair removal at home medication should come with a doctor’s prescription.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home – Laser Hair Removal Home Kits

In these modern times, laser therapy is used to eliminate unwanted hair. More than 1.4 million people in the U.S. annually undergo this method. Because of this popularity, laser manufacturers have partnered with consumer companies to come up with a very effective home laser hair removal device.

Popular products such as the Bareskin home hair laser system is available but not all of them are FDA-approved. They are expensive but are considered the best at home permanent hair removal. You can permanently remove unwanted hair at home through laser which can be used in the entire body to prohibit new hair growth. This is because its beam destroys the hair follicles. Following the instructions of this device is necessary to achieve permanent hair removal at home.

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