Choosing The Right Iron On Patches

Many people use iron on patches for several reasons. If you want iron on patches for your clothing, you could be overwhelmed with the choices available. To avoid being overwhelmed, there are certain facts that you need to know that will make choosing your iron on patches easy.

Know The Material

Before you start looking at patches, you have to consider the material the patch will be placed on. Different fabrics will react differently to the ironing process, and you need to understand this. Using an iron on patch on the wrong material can damage your clothing.

Cotton is one of the best materials for iron on patches. This fabric is durable and is able to sustain the heat from the ironing process easily. Depending on the patch you get, it will also look like it has always been on the fabric. With cotton being a relatively soft material, you will also avoid any unwanted stiffness on the patch.

Another material that works well with iron on patches is denim. Denim is a durable material able to handle the heat of ironing, but you do need to be careful with very tough denim. If the material is very thick, you may need to apply backing for the patch before you iron it on.

If your clothing is made from blended fabrics, nylon, or polyester, you may want to avoid iron on patches. This is due to these materials being more delicate and not handling the ironing process as well. These materials could also suffer from discoloration during the ironing process, which diminishes the look for the clothing and the patch.

Choosing A Design

Once you know how the patch and clothing material will react, you need to look at designs. Most people have a design they want before they start looking at patches. If you do not have a certain design in mind, you should look for something eye-catching.

However, it would help if you avoided patches that are too distracting as they will reduce the overall look you want. The design quality is also important and will give you some insight into the overall quality of the patch. Consistent color is essential, and there should be clear lines in the design.

Understanding Placement And Sizing

Choosing the right patch entails more than just getting the design you want. Size and placement are just as important and will impact the overall look that you achieve. While the design is essential, if the patch is the incorrect size, it will not have the impact you want. You will also have a hard time putting it where you want on your clothing.

Before you look at sizing, you need to consider where you are going to place the patch. Few common placement areas are the side of the chest, shirt sleeve, or center-aligned on the back of a shirt. The placement will impact the size of the patch; as a patch on the back of shirt can be larger than one on the side of the chest.

Once you know where the patch will be placed, you can start looking at the sizes. When doing this, you also need to consider the size of the garment. A small shirt will need a different patch size to an extra-large shirt.

Know The Ironing Process

Iron on patches uses different ironing process. While the basic process is the same, some patches will take longer to apply than others. If you do not have a lot of time to spend on ironing, large patches might not be the best option. Smaller patches are quicker and easier to apply to your clothing.

Before you start applying any patches, you need to read any instructions that you have been provided. This will ensure the patch is applied correctly and lasts for more than a few washes. If patches are not applied correctly, they will start to peel off and stain other clothing when you wash them.

If you are looking for iron on patches then there are some things that you need to know. You have to consider the material of your clothing and whether these patches will adhere correctly to it. You also need to consider the size and placement of the patch as well as the ironing process.

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