BKWDS Drops New EP “2020 Visions”

Madison, WI had a great showing in 2019 from artists Trust’N and BKWDS when their 6 song EP hit the top 15 in the iTunes charts, something very uncommon for the area. Following up that release, 16 year old BKWDS returned to the scene with an album. The album did it’s work but it wasn’t until his new EP 2020 Visions came out that he has really started to get the recognition he deserves. 

The four song extended play features BKWDS classic upbeat production layered under his mellow and soulful vocal melodies. The project ranges from happy to sad and changes dynamics quickly. For example, the melodies from  “LEAVEMELONE” paint a picture of hurting and mending wounds while “What’s SO Funny?” Makes you want to get up and dance. 

With another quality project, all self produced, BKWDS is showing that he doesn’t need another artist beside him to make noise. The project provides a good outlook for the 16 year old as he continues to grow and develop as an artist under Lost Boy Entertainment.

Listen to the project below:



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