Why wearing a school uniform is so necessary?

Though the history of wearing a uniform is unclear, the number of schools using uniforms rose from 12.5% to around 20% between 2004 and 2015.

Christ Hospital School in London was the first school to adopt a uniform, starting in 1552. To decide and conclude the purpose and the effectiveness of dress or uniform in schools, there had been many debates

Here are some of the advantages of school uniforms following with the disadvantages:

Advantages of School Uniforms

  • It shifts student’s focus towards studying.
  • As clothing is a significant distraction to kids nowadays, wearing a uniform in a school or college removes the obsession of looking and getting distracted about what clothes or accessories their classmates are wearing.
  • When the whole class wears the same uniform, students focus on their studies, and as a result, students will grasp more knowledge and get better grades.
  • A school uniform is an outfit that makes sure that every student looks the same. By doing this, students are free from the pressure to wear specific brands or accessories.
  • Uniform helps to reduce bullying in school or colleges as some students don’t follow the trend of styles, so they are singled out and ridiculed for their clothing choice.
  • School uniforms are cheap when compared to most clothes.
  • If we compare uniforms with other informal clothes, we can see that school uniform costs less than brands like Levi’s, which can cost up to $80 for just a single pair. And obviously, nobody likes to wear the same cloth every day, and if we multiply the clothes to wear every day with a couple of school uniforms, it costs you nearly negligible.
  • Even if we hate it, the status gets compared with the clothes worn. You know if someone is wearing a Gucci is economically higher than someone wearing non-branded clothes.
  • Uniform makes all students the same, which helps to reduce the barriers that poverty places on some students.

It can teach adults and children discipline.

One of the significant roles that a uniform plays in student life is discipline. Children need to learn the discipline of dress code rules. It ensures and builds a sense of responsibility in the back of a student’s head throughout his lifespan. Discipline is the key that makes a student successful in life.

Schools can identify people not in uniform as intruders.

When everyone is in a uniform, it helps and allow security officers, teachers, and admin staff to swiftly identify intruders and people who do not belong on campus. In schools where such activity takes place, uniforms play an essential role in detecting anyone who isn’t supposed to be there.

The Disadvantages of School Uniforms

Uniforms take away individuality and free expression.

Fashion is one of the few things over which the kids have control. Losing their ability to express and select clothes for themselves might be detrimental. It may cause students to have a form groupthink by making them act and think like a group instead of an individual. However, you can learn how to be popular in school to maintain your individuality.

It is important for kids to learn diversity.

The implementation of uniforms in universities or schools can curb diversity within it, which the student is not going to have later in their life. Our environment is filled with hundreds of multicultural people where we intersect with hundreds of socioeconomic backgrounds and culture- pretending that we all are equal by looking at everyone alike, and trivial aesthetics doesn’t work. Instead, the school should focus on the true equality of every person, where our differences are accepted, celebrated, and respected. To promote these values and enrich knowledge within every student, schools must remove the barrier of uniforms.

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