Why Preserved Roses is a Great Gift Idea for Any Occasion

Presenting anyone a gift of roses or bouquet of lush fresh and vibrant flowers is not a bad idea. Be it a wedding, a date night, or a birthday gifting your loved one’s flowers and especially roses is a brilliant idea. One of the best birthday gifts to last is a bouquet of roses. Although fresh roses smell and look very beautiful, they don’t stay fresh for more than two days. The long-lasting roses stay fresh for about a year without any watering requirements.

If you’re a genuinely loving and scanning for a unique gift for your loved one, then there is no better option than preserved roses. Preserved roses and not artificial, but these are real roses that tend to last for a year or longer.

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are 100 percent real flowers. There is a unique way to preserve roses, by dipping them in a mixture of glycerin and other natural extracts, which makes these roses last for months. If you look at them from a distance, they will look fake and unreal, but by carefully having a glance at them, you will realize that they’re real. There are many different colors available in these types of roses. You will find every variety from ombre to dark hues to lighter tones.

How to preserve roses?

To accurately preserve these flowers, it is crucial to cut them from the shoots when they are at the full bloom. They are then dipped in a solution of some plant extracts and glycerin. This process lets the rose rehydrate from its leaves to its stem and displaces the sap inside. In a few days, the process of preserving the roses gets complete. The complex preservation method lets the roses to keep their fresh look for a long time without any watering requirement.

The process of preserving roses is quite different from drying them. When you dry a rose, it dehydrates as the sunlight absorbs the moisture from the stem and the petals. As the flower dries up, its leaves become cracky, and it breaks easily. But while preserving the rose, the rose retains its natural freshness and fragrance. Hence, it has a beautiful appeal. Moreover, if the roses are enclosed in a box, they will last longer, maybe, up to two years — the reason being that no sunlight, moisture, or external weather conditions affect them.

Why are preserved roses a great gift for any occasion? 

Whenever you are investing in any gift for your loved one, you want it to last forever. You want it to stay with them for as much time as possible. By keeping in mind, these sweet emotions, La Fleur De Luxe has come up with a huge variety of preserved roses to last with your loved one for a much longer period than other regular gifts. The preserved roses are a better option because they stay fresh and last long for up to two years. These are an ideal gift for any occasion. They not only last only but also create a lasting impression.

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