What Is The Use Of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a technique used for cleaning rough surfaces. The process is carried out with the use of sandblasting equipment and involves blasting of compressed air or steam at high speed, making the class to eitch or cleaning metallic surfaces. For general applications, sandblasting equipment consists of a blaster nozzle with an air compressor that allows propelling at high speed cleaning the metal surfaces. It uses grit, and it varies on application. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the uses of sandblasting.

Sandblasting is used to remove leftover on the surfaces of metal surfaces. The uses of the sandblasting include the following:

Decorative etching

Removal of oil, grease, paint

Rust removal from rust surfaces

Routine building maintenance

Construction of concretes

Graffiti or paint removals

The main danger of sandblasting is the silica dust that comes from the propelling of abrasive particles at high speed. When you are working on this type of work, you should always wear a mask and a suit that will protect your body and lungs. Because these chemicals are hazardous to health and can result in severe. If you are looking for sandblasting, then you can hire someone like Mobil sandblæsning. This company provides you with the best sandblasting service.

  • Sandblasting involves the eruption of sand particles at a high-speed causing it spread everywhere, SO you should take some precautions while working with it.
  • Beginning any sandblasting project, always wear google or some glasses to cover your eyes. Shielding your eyes will prevent the sand particles from going into your eyes.
  • Always use a mask because the chemical made from the eruption of sandblasting is harmful, and it can damage your lungs.
  • Your whole body should be covered even your gloves should be tightened with the body, so the dust particles don’t enter your body.

Choose the right tools

  • Always choose the right tools when working with sandblasting some of the essential tools are listed below
  • Air compressor is necessary for sandblasting; it will deliver air pressure at the rate of 40 to 100 psi while doing sandblasting
  • Sand and abrasive particles are used for sandblasting purpose, and the particles should be fine, uniform cached and debris free
  • During the sandblasting process, the end of the sandblaster should be between 8-12 inches from the target surface – any closer, and you risk a narrower field of impact as well as a tear in your target surface. Holding the sandblaster further away allows you to distribute the sand across a full area at once, but in this case, you must blast the same area more times to remove the surface layer entirely.


In this article, we have discussed the precautions and how you can use sandblasting without any tension.

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