It’s a Vibe: The Best Coffee Shop Music of 2019

Your life is constantly pushing and pulling you in all different directions. Whether it’s for school, work, or a hobby, you need consistent energy to perform to your maximum capabilities.

Coffee is a great way to get the energy that you need. It will give you the boost you’re looking for. However, you also need to find a way of focusing that energy…

That’s where a killer playlist comes in handy. A playlist that’s as capable of delivering relaxing vibes as it is in helping you to tune out the noise.

Here are the best genres for coffee shop music. Give them all a try to see what works best for you.

  1. Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

What better music to listen to when you’re set up at a table at the coffee shop, drinking the best coffee roasts, with your headphones plugged in, than EDM?

The music that you play is vital towards the level of energy and focus that you need to complete a task. Full transparency, if the project wasn’t important, you wouldn’t be at the coffee shop in the first place.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM for short) has a variety of different levels for you to choose from.

Some love the songs that feature famous artists collaborating with the top DJ’s in the game, while others enjoy fully-instrumental EDM with no vocals.

Listening to instrumental music helps with those projects in which you’ll be writing out or typing the research that you find.

Regardless, you have the veritable pick of EDM songs with deep drops, dubstep beats, beach house vibes, music mashups and more! There’s literally a beat for whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

EDM can cater to either the mood you’re in or the mood you’re trying to get into.

No wonder it’s grown to the 3rd most popular music genre around the world (behind pop and rock).

  1. 80’s Rock

Imagine yourself knocking out a study session while bobbing your head to some of your favorite tunes in the process. Does that not sound like the best form of studying that’s out there?

Better yet, 80’s rock music is just loud enough to be able to tune out all of your surroundings without having to blast the volume all the way up.

80’s rock is the optimal coffee shop music because of the familiarity people have with it. You know the words and the songs by heart, so the lyrics won’t distract you from talking to your friends or doing work for school or your job.

Plus, nothing’s more motivating than hearing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey or The Final Countdown by Europe.

You may find yourself being even more productive than you needed to be simply because of the powerful playlist you’re listening to. Jam after jam will keep you entertained as you focus on grinding through the work you need to finish.

  1. Old School Hip-Hop/Rap

This genre is perfect to mix in when you need that extra boost of confidence in your studying.

Not only will the beats have you bobbing your head, but it’ll also bring back that ever-so-sweet feeling of nostalgia. Seriously, nostalgia has been scientifically proven to increase your mood.

The old school hip-hop genre is just as perfect for coffee shops to put on and set the tone for their environment. It will set a vibe where people can come hang out and be themselves.

Who doesn’t want to go to a coffee shop that’s bumping Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise or Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode?

Come for the lyrics and stay for the beats. They’ll have your goosebumps tingling as you set out to seize the day.

  1. Indie Rock

The Strokes. Modest Mouse. Death Cab for Cutie. Nirvana. What do all of these bands have in common? They were instrumental in the growth of the indie rock genre.

More importantly, their music is some of the most influential to the millenials that are currently flocking to coffee shops.

You grew up on this stuff, it raised you. Bands like Nirvana have been there for you from the beginning. Now… they want to help you study.

Indie rock is the perfect type of music to study too because of the ebbs and flows in its songs. One song might be slow and steady, then the next song will hit heavy and hard.

Be honest… you could write 1,000 case study papers just with Come as You Are by Nirvana on a constant loop.

Indie rock won’t ever get you too high or too low while you set out to accomplish your project. It’ll keep you at a consistent level the entire time.

  1. 2000’s Rock

Maybe you’re looking for a mixture of everything. You want slow songs, hard-hitting songs, and everything in between on a solid coffee shop music playlist. If so, give a 2000’s rock playlist a shot.

You’ll be listening to bands like Papa Roach, Simple Plan, and Three Days Grace during their come-up. However, you’ll also have bands like Metallica, Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chili Peppers that were well-established bands by that point.

As everyone knows, all of these bands have a perfect mix of rhythms and melodies which makes them an ideal candidate for your coffee shop music.

Find Your Perfect Coffee Shop Music Playlist

In trying all of these different types of coffee shop music, you’ll strike a perfect balance for your needs.

Everyone has different preferences. Make a custom playlist of the songs you enjoy most and jam out to them while you study, chat, or hang out.

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