Harley Quinn Confirms Avengers Exist in DC’s Universe


There has always been a debate between the Marvel and the DC fans. The debate was if Marvel was better or DC comics were. The debate is never ending and there is not correct answer for it. Although it is true that one individual can be both Marvel as well as a DC fan. This hot war between both the comic worlds is hot as well as friendly. Can you imagine a DC character admiring a Marvel character or a Marvel fan admiring a DC comic character?

Let’s talk about the characters that exist in both the worlds, for instance, Marvel consist of some of the best superheroes existing which includes Ironman, Captain America, Thor who is a God, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, Star Lord and a lot more like Dr. Strange. On the other hand, DC comics also consist of the best superheroes ever which include Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and a lot more. These superheroes have always been compared to each other and considered to be in a war with each other. On the contrary, there is no war between the two comic worlds, in fact there have been certain hints and clues that the characters of both the worlds admire and appreciate each other and the work they perform.

Who does Harley Quinn admire from Marvel?

Imagine, if the fans are fighting over which is better, wouldn’t the characters themselves be in a heated argument? Well, that’s certainly not true and we now have an evidence for it as well. Remember the beautiful and psychotic Harley Quinn from the DC comic world? Yes, the Joker’s lover and the beautiful physiatrist. The role of Harley Quinn was played by the beautiful Margot Robbie. Spoiler alert, Harley Quinn just showed the fact that she is an avenger’s fan!

Remember, the scene in the Marvel Movie ‘Avengers’ when Iron Man gave a reference of Superman in a casual conversation. There might be a cold war between the two worlds but the characters would always look up to each other for inspirations. Harley Quinn recently tells the media and public about who is her favorite avenger. Stay tuned to know!

The DC comic world and the Marvel world love and appreciate each other. We all must have noticed the pretty attire of Harley Quinn in her movies especially the Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn Costume is one of the things about Harley Quinn that the audience just purely loves. Another thing that the audience loves is how the characters inspire and support each other indirectly. The Harley Quinn costume can be your perfect Halloween costume this year or you can also use it as a costume in your parties.

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In the movie, when Harley Quinn left her house and came back, a Batman’s sticker is more than prominent for the viewers. On the other hand, if you look closely, you will see a purple colored bulls eye pin right beside the pin of the Batman logo. That purple bull’s eye logo is there to represent the character of Marvel called the Hawkeye. That character is actually named as Clint Barton and that is how it proves that Harley Quinn really admired Hawkeye. Both the comic worlds aren’t so separate, are they?

Who Inspires who?

Talking about the other characters, there has been various indirect rumors as well as direct claims about the fact that Marvel characters admire the DC comic characters and the DC comic characters find the Marvel characters as inspirations. Iron Man totally admires Shazam whilst on the other hand; Shazam shows his love for Captain America publically. It is true that the fans are pretty much competitive when it comes to the comic world. They would keep comparing the best of both worlds. For instance, one question is always heated which asks who is richer, Iron Man or Batman.

The characters which are close to each other in terms of fans, popularity and characteristics are always compared by the fans. But one thing that remains unchanged is how the characters of both the worlds appreciate and admire each other. There might definitely exists a cold but friendly war between both the comic worlds but isn’t it necessary for a healthy competitive environment?

Although, there are some important but very tiny details that one can only make sure to know if you look closely. Like the pin on the bag pack of Harley Quinn, you could have only noticed that if you looked closely. On the other hand, there are some statements claimed by the characters which show how they appreciate the characters from the other comic world.


Marvel and DC comics are competitors and it is nice to have a healthy competition. Although the fans get a little rough between the comparison of Marvel and DC comic superheroes, whereas in reality the characters of both the worlds admire and appreciate each other. Marvel and DC comic fans can stay in a war together but the actual superheroes will always be there to have each other’s back and to keep acting as an inspiration for each other.

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