The Pros and Cons of Alcohol Detox at Home

Over 14 million adults in the US suffer from alcohol use disorder, the medical term for alcoholism.

It’s okay to admit you’re included in this statistic. In fact, acceptance is the first step on your road to recovery. But now that you’ve accepted that you need help, what comes next?

If you’re taking the steps towards self-care and recovery, explore the pros and cons of doing an alcohol detox at home when deciding if it’s right for you.

How Do You Detox from Alcohol?

By definition, detoxing is the process of refraining from a harmful substance long enough to rid your body of its effects. While the definition may sound simple enough, the process is a tricky one.

When you stop drinking, you go through withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from anything of nausea to hallucinations. These, paired with your craving for alcohol, make it hard to resist reaching for a drink.

There are two main settings for an alcohol detox — at home or in a rehab facility.

Wondering how to detox from alcohol at home? The answer is very carefully and under the supervision of someone you trust. If you are considering an at-home detox, check out these home remedies for alcohol withdrawal.

Pros of an at Home Detox

The main reason people choose to go through alcohol detox at home is the cost factor. Rehab facilities can cost thousands of dollars.

People also start to look into how to detox at home because of other life obligations. You may have a job that you can’t afford being away from for an extended period or a sick family member to take care of. Regardless of the reason, many people aren’t able to tear themselves away from their home life for the weeks or months that rehab takes.

Cons of an at Home Detox

The dangers of detoxing at home occur when you start suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Many of these symptoms can leave you unable to take care of yourself or leave you in an unsafe condition. But in a supervised situation like an alcohol and drug rehab CA, you’ll be under medical supervision at all times.

The other main reason that a home detox is avoided is because of the high chance of a relapse. If you’re unmonitored for extended periods of time, it’s easier to drive to the liquor store and suffer a setback. You also won’t learn the right mechanisms for avoiding alcohol in familiar situations and healthy new habits to occupy your time.

An Alcohol Detox at Home Is Possible

After reading this alcohol detox at home guide, you know that is is possible. But is it right for you? Only the person going through the detox can answer that.

At-Home detox is cheaper and doesn’t interrupt your life drastically. But, with rehab, you’ll be under medical supervision to safely detox and have a better chance at remaining sober. If you can afford the cost and interruption to your life, rehab is the best answer, but it’s not feasible for everyone.

Looking for more advice to help you with your road to recovery? Read this article on sober activities you can do for fun without drugs or alcohol.

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