4 Fundamental SEO Tactics That Are Still Relevant Today

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is such a buzzword in online marketing, and every online marketer knows its importance. Online companies have incorporated an SEO strategy into their marketing efforts in one way or another.

SEO is the basic process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic. This can be done by increasing the online visibility of your website on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Search algorithms, however, keep on changing, and your SEO strategy must be able to keep up with such changes. That said, the strategy that worked five years ago may no longer be effective today. Despite the many changes in algorithms and the use of varied SEO strategies, its functions remain the same till today.

Below are the SEO basics which should form the core of your overall SEO strategy.

1. The inclusion of relevant keywords

When it comes to SEO, the use of keywords is paramount. Without them, nothing will be optimized. Though the specific details on how to incorporate the right keywords may have changed over the years, the use of keywords themselves remains relevant to your SEO campaign. In the past, keyword density within the text was the most effective. Today, overused keywords can cause your content to be penalized. However, the effective use of relevant keywords still benefits your site.

2. The creation of valuable content

While SEO tactics have tweaked over the years, writing valuable content remains important and relevant. Regardless of your effective SEO strategies, nothing beats good, fresh, and compelling content for a website. Nowadays, where people are constantly searching for information, content adds value to a website. In fact, content marketing is the life-blood of your online marketing campaign. That said, make sure to write great articles and post them on your website regularly.

3. The importance of technical SEO

While content is the soul of your website, technical SEO is its backbone. The technical elements of SEO will always stay the same no matter how SEO has changed in time. This is why marketers incorporate the use of technical SEO, as it helps you examine and audit your website. It looks for technical errors and site glitches such as broken links, slow page load time, anchor text, crawl errors, and unresponsive designs. All these errors can affect the performance of your website in the search engines. That said, performing technical SEO can address all these technical issues.

4. The impact of market competition

The market competition is inevitable, no matter how adept your business is at using SEO strategy. While you strive to rank higher in the results page, the other companies are doing so as well. What sets one apart from the rest is how it employs a good SEO strategy. With this in mind, you should experiment, conduct competitive analysis, and level up your marketing gameplan if you want to succeed in your SEO strategies.

You now know that SEO strategies can quickly change based on the updates in the algorithm released by Google and other search engines. However, the very concept of SEO remains as is today, which means that it never deviates away from its main function. As you keep up with the SEO changes and updates, you need to remain grounded in the fundamental core of SEO.

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