Tips To Throw the Best Christmas Party for Kids

Kids like to have fun, it fuels them with energy and excitement. It also helps them to grow emotionally and physically as well. Christmas is one of the magical times of the year for them as it’s all about celebration and presents and spending time with families. It’s a complete bundle of joy for them and if there’s a Christmas party arranged for them to celebrate it with their friends then it’s a cherry on top. Christmas party for them should include all the entertaining activities like games and some artwork also. Parents love to throw a kids’ Christmas party, all they need is the right number of guidelines to make the party much more enjoyable. Here are some quick tips to make your party arrangements easy.

  1. Decide A Dress Code

Since kids will be having fun around the house and busy with different activities, it is better if they wear pajamas and be in their cozy, comfort zone. Blossom Costumes suggests to not restrict it to them if the kids want to wear something fancy as well let them wear since it is their day and their party. But whatever the theme you decide you can suggest it for your guests as well. If you want to make it more interesting decide a theme based on their favorite animated movie characters for instance; characters from Frozen.

  1. Arrange Games and Prizes

No one enjoys a Christmas party more than a kid, it becomes more fun for them when they play games. It’s basically about time-consumption, especially when they are coming with their parents. Parents also need to enjoy their time, if the kids are entertained, parents will definitely have a good time. One fun game is wrapping gifts and asking kids to stack them, the one who stacks the maximum number of gifts will be the winner. Another game loved by kids is stocking guessing game, put chocolates, candies, bells and anything related to Christmas in a stocking, and ask them to guess the item. Snowblower game is an all-time favorite game of kids, you just need cotton balls and colorful straws. You can choose white, red and green straws to match it with the Christmas theme. In this game, kids need to move the cotton ball to a finish line by blowing through the straw and holding on the cotton ball like that. You can play a Christmas song and arrange a traditional musical chair. Other fun activities include; pass the present, jingle bell tossing, Santa says and candy cane hunt. It would be great if you give small gifts at the end of each game. It can be a motivation for them to play and be competitive. Encourage your kids and their friends to take turns, to perform a scene from the movie or play their favorite movie clip on multimedia or TV. You can also arrange props for their performance and play a piece of background music to make it interesting.

  1. Decorate Your House

Kids will enjoy a Christmas party if they find it visually attractive. Use fairy lights to light up your living space, hang Christmas socks. Apart from a big Christmas tree that you will decorate, place small Christmas trees on tables. It is not necessary to use red and green only, try some candy-colored ornaments. Place small Santa sculptures on the mental. Fresh apples and other fresh fruits also bring a refreshing feeling. Mittens can be tied to a string and hanged in the kid’s room or the living area. On the dining table place some fresh flowers and leaves. Staircase, corridor, and bookshelf shouldn’t be ignored while decorating your house. Play around with balloons also as kids love to pop balloons at the end of the party.

  1. Play Christmas Songs

If you play a soft Christmas song it will bring everyone in the Christmas spirit. Playing Christmas songs and encouraging kids to sing it along is also a wonderful idea. There are hundreds of Christmas holiday party playlists available online if you don’t have time to make your own playlist. So you don’t have to worry about picking the right ones.

  1. Place A Separate Table For Decorating Cookies

Christmas cookies and their decoration is a superb Christmas activity. Kids want to take part actively, it’s better if you already sort out the number of cookies for each kid. Some of the things required for decoration are; sugar, sprinkles, coconut, multi-colored decoration toppings and get some ready to be used as decoration items for this specific activity. Chocolate dots and chocolate chips can be used for making the eyes of the cookie and coconut can serve as snow or beard of Santa.

  1. Outdoor Activity

If you are lucky to have snow on the day of the Christmas party then this outdoor activity will rock. Dress your kids properly and warmly for this activity as you do not want them to catch a cold. You will need a smooth area for this. Mix food dies with water and fill the bottles with them. Children will have to write Christmas messages with this solution on the snow, or they can draw according to their personal preference. At the end of the party, you can take your kids and their friends to see Christmas lighting in your locality. This will be a small quick tour, if you don’t want to ride them in your car then a walk is a very suitable option. Make sure you have other parents or adults to help you keep an eye on the kids.

  1. Writing Christmas Letters And Cards

Buy colorful papers and pens for the kids to write letters to Santa, children can make Christmas cards for each other and other family members, as the tradition of sending Christmas cards should continue. Glue, scissors and glitter and other color pens would be helpful for kids. You can print your family photo on one side of the paper and leave some space for writing a Christmas message.

The Final Word

Christmas is the season of joy, happiness, love, and forgiveness. Make the best out of this time by spending it with your loved ones. Kids enjoy this time and make it a lifetime experience for them by arranging the best party. Make them aware of all the traditions so that they can carry the, on. You can also have your own personal tradition within your family to cherish upon this will help to make your bond stronger with them as well. Christmas is the time of families and happiness. You should make it last as much as possible and make it memorable and magical for your kids as they’ll grow one day and it wouldn’t be the same with them. So, enjoy it till it lasts.

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