How to Sell Your Old Vinyl Jazz records and Not Get Screwed

You are potentially an owner of old Vinyl Jazz records that you would like to earn a few bucks from. There is also a probability you have heard tones of stories about how valuable they are and you want to sell it for the best price. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you will most probably be disappointed once you walk into a store with them. There has been a resurgence of sales involving the vinyl records in most places which have created the idea that the old records in possession are a gold mine. Here are some tips that will guide you on how to sell the old vinyl without getting screwed.

Inspect Your Record 

It is important to inspect your old Vinyl record to ensure that it is in good working condition. No one is willing to purchase a dead vinyl record unless they want to use it for art which would fetch very low prices. Therefore, inspect the records to ascertain that they are working and also that they contain jazz records that are hard to come by. A worn-out sleeve and scraped up record don’t make it “vintage”, it makes it trash. On the off chance that it looks beat into, we don’t need it. The scrapped records can be given a second chance in life as art. You can get interesting ideas on Pinterest on creating art pieces from the old Vinyl records. This can then be sold as art pieces or broken down to make guitar pieces.

Know the type of records you have and What the market requires

It is important to know what the market is looking for against the records you have. Trying to sell a jazz record that was a huge seller back in the day will fetch a low amount of money as probably every basement is stacked with the same record as you have. However, for the records that had low sales during their launch, there are probably very few originals and they are more likely to fetch a higher price. Different stores and people look for different types of records and as a result, it is important to understand the records that you have.

Check ratings of the Records Store 

Once you have identified the types of vinyl records you have, you can start researching the different stores that could prospectively be interested in them. Make several inquiries through calls or emails. I would suggest phone calls with a follow-up email. Once the communication has been initiated with the stores, it is advisable to avoid asking for the price over the phone. Instead, arrange for a visit to the store to discuss the sale of the record. It is important to set a price that you won’t go below while negotiating.

Don’t go with the first deal 

Once you have visited the first store, it is not advisable to sell to the first deal. Instead, it is important to check various proposals from different stores and interested individuals. While negotiating, it is vital not to get screwed up by store owners who try to pull the first one on you by offering very low prices and concluding that is the best in the market. That is the reason why you need to check for various proposals without agreeing to deals. Any respectable record store will reveal to you when your proposed amount merits something since they need to remain trustworthy. Furthermore, they are constantly glad to pay a couple of bucks for a copy of a popular hit, since it’s probably the most debilitated record at any point made.

Sell Online 

Selling online would probably be shooting yourself in the leg especially if you get the wrong sites. However, it is also important to ensure that while selling vinyl jazz records you look for credible websites that have good ratings just like how you would do for a local store. As a matter of fact, in case you find credible sites, you are most likely to make more than selling to a store as this will probably be an end-user and not a reseller seeking to make a profit out of the song. In case you are to sell online try to avoid shipping the item without confirming payments.

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