Top 10 Videos on YouTube To Watch Today

These days it looks like the internet meme engine drives things up, only to neglect about them a day later. So you might need a hint of the best times in the past few months that joined us all in laughter, tears, and occasionally, sweet, sweet keyboard fury. In this article we will discuss about video that are top 10 on YouTube.

 Dad drags his daughter through an airport:

Recorded on the opening day of January, someone saw a dad fondly pulling his daughter within Dulles International Airport by the mantle of her jacket. According to the person recording, she wasn’t crying or screaming, simply chilling out and leaving for a ride. Big, big,good, massive mood.

Gordon Ramsey’s sweet distress on Hot Ones: 

Vendetta is a dish best served very, very hot. While many a worthy tongue has tried the dreaded hot sauce spread on this season of Hot Ones, none was extra pleasing to see than Gordon Ramsey. Although he’s known for his burning mouth, he gets completely broken. Who is the “fool sandwich” now, Ramsay?

Midwesterners spilling boiling water into the air during Polar Vortex:

Have you ever tried to fry an egg on the track during the summer? Well, this is the Midwestern story of that. It’s difficult to remember that there was such a serious weather event just beginning this year with the Polar Vortex. But this is not the single viral video of cold air antics to get out of it.

Sweet Victory, but if they had really played it at the Super Bowl:

Following the death of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, fans began a petition to add the song “Sweet Victory” as recognition during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. So Maroon 5 obliged. Ish? It really kinda engulfed. But this is an interpretation of the exhibition we could’ve gotten is much more refreshing.

How would a sensitive baguette move if it could?

Each year we’re collectively made to make a decision that completely tears apart the framework of the internet’s awareness. Laurel vs. Yanny. The Dress. The year mentioned above it was how a baguette would go if it were conscious — were you team worm, gallop, the robot rotates, or caterpillar?

1 hour and 44 minutes of bouncing Pikachu:

Ere the release of Detective Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds tweeted about a thought leak of the film, which seemed mysterious on a YouTube channel called Inspector Pikachu. What happened was their marketing team’s final troll. It is a clip of Pikachu dancing and humping (a la the famous Key and Peele aerobics sketch) for the entire runtime of the film. Well presented, brand.

Dad put a mic on a 4-year-old throughout hockey training:

What’s better than little humans trying to play sports? Taking the real-time critique gold from such actions. YouTuber Coach Jeremy mixed up his son Mason while he was out on the ice and got some funny audio. The video even had a charming and overwhelming series.

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