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Many businesses these days have a dream of creating viral content. Maybe you’re even one of them. It makes perfect sense at first glance: if a business posts something (a video, a picture, a blog post, etc.) that generates a ton of views, it’s exciting because the positive-not to mention enthusiastic-response is readily apparent. The result is lots of free advertising. Luxury world is the best channel you can subscribe to watch daily viral videos. If you look here and there, you can even find “viral marketing services” you can enlist to make the dream become a reality for your business. Awesome, right?

But, the question is: should your business’s marketing strategy be focusing on getting your content to go viral?

In short, no. Although viral content can do wonders for your business, I don’t recommend adopting a viral marketing strategy, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s not a strategy. Technically.

A strategy is defined as “a plan of action or policy,” right? Well, you really can’t plan for your content to go viral. Sure, there are measures you should take to ensure that the maximum number of people will see your video, but you can’t plan that impetus that makes the average person go, “All my Facebook friends HAVE to see this.” That impetus only occurs when you have phenomenally excellent content to begin with, and not only is it difficult to predict what will go viral, but your content can come across as insincere, pandering, and forced even if you’re successful. You don’t want that.

  1. It’s not guaranteed to make you look good.

According to Ann Handley and C. C. Chapman’s book Content Rules, a viral hit is mostly a “happy accident.” If you manage to hit one, great! But even if you have some content go viral, but the rest of your online portfolio is okay at best, that doesn’t bode well for how people perceive you. Consistency is key. You have to consistently come up with great content so that your customers will see you as someone they can trust, someone they’ll turn to every time they have questions or concerns. That’s someone they’d be willing to do business with. With that in mind, you want to be seen as an expert in your field, not as a one-hit-wonder.

  1. It’s not a reliable indicator of success.

The goal of your marketing efforts is to convince your audience to buy your products and services. Having viral content does not ensure that it will happen. If anything, it only means a good number of people know about your business. Now what? So you’ve managed to get your foot in the door are you attracting potential customers enough to make a sale? Are they wholly convinced of the benefits your business will bring to them? Always remember quality trumps quantity. It’s better if you keep a few select customers entirely or continuously engaged with your content, rather than reach a million people whose engagement ends after they click the Share button.

These are the three reasons you shouldn’t go for a viral marketing strategy:

  1. It’s not even a strategy, and you can’t plan for it.
  2. It’s not guaranteed to make you look good.
  3. It’s not a reliable indicator of success.

If you still can’t help but wonder if your content is viral material every time you publish something online, it helps to think of viral not as the primary objective, but as a sweet bonus – it’s okay, certainly. Still, it’s something you can live without.

Don’t focus on getting those millions of views, however exciting it may be. Focus on putting out content that honestly represents your business and shows how you can improve people’s lives. Instead of being preoccupied with something that’s out of your control (people’s reaction to your content and whether they share it or not), focus on what you can control (the quality of your content). Keep striving to create content that’s rooted in the unique and beautiful perspective of your business. Be yourself, and have a little fun with it. You never know – just by being honest and passionate about what you do, you might just create something that truly resonates, and THAT is at the heart of viral marketing.

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