How to put on False Eyelashes for Beginners

There’s no denying it, false eyelashes can increase the alluring appeal of your eyes. It’s common for many women to wish their lashes were longer, thicker and darker. False eyelashes allow you to have the lashes you want.

Getting eyelashes properly positioned on your eye is something that is going to take some practice. Starting with your first set of false lashes can be a little daunting, but each time that you apply them, the more proficient you will become slightly more proficient until one day you would put them on without even really thinking about what you are doing.

We recommend getting started with your first set of lashes with a set from Flawless by Loreta: It’s important that you select lashes that fit your style and be considerate of the weight, otherwise it may look like your eyes are shut.

Until eyelash application becomes second nature, we recommend using the following guide on application of those lashes to get you started.

What you need

Gather the following supplies prior to applying the lashes:

  • False eyelashes

  • Small scissors

  • Adhesive

  • Eyeliner, either gel with an angled tip on the applicator or liquid

  • mascara

Practice with Inexpensive Lashes

When you are first learning to apply your eyelashes you want to start by using inexpensive lashes. False eyelashes start at a couple of quid, but don’t be too concerned with their size as they usually have to be trimmed to fit your eyelids perfectly. Cutting the lashes is also a skill in itself so buy some inexpensive lashes and practice measuring and cutting on those before a more premium purchase.

Measure the eyelash strip against your eye and cut the extra off of the strip. Be sure to save those extra bits you trim away because you can use those to create fuller lashes, or dynamic corners.

More information on applying false eyelashes can be found here

Let the Adhesive Get Tacky

When you apply your eyelash adhesive you need to let it set for about twenty or thirty seconds before you try and apply the lashes.

The adhesive becomes tacky as it sets. When the adhesive is first placed on your eyelids it is naturally a little runny, so when you try to place the lash on the runny glue it can be very difficult to get the lash to stay in place. When the adhesive begins to set after a few seconds it then begins to thicken and become tacky. When you apply the false lash to the tacky adhesive the lash will stay in place.

While you are waiting for the adhesive to get tacky, carefully bend the strip so the two ends touch. This allows the adhesive to spread evenly over the entire strip. It also allows the strip to retain its flexibility.

The Mirror

You do not want to try and put false eyelashes on while you are staring straight ahead at a mirror hanging on the wall. You want a handheld mirror that you can place on a countertop and look down at.

By positioning your mirror so that you have to look down into it, you position your eyelid so that you are able to see it clearly. It seems like a minor thing, but success is in preparation. You don’t want to start the process of applying your lashes and then realise that you can’t actually see what you’re doing!

Keep Your Eyes Open

Again, it seems minor, but you want to keep your eye open while you are applying the lash. When you close your eye, the shape of the eyelid is altered. This is a very small change in eye shape, but just big enough to alter how your eyelash fits and ultimately looks.

Beginners will find keeping their eye open while they apply the strip difficult to do. This is one of the techniques you simply have to practice so you get good at doing it.

Tweezers are your Best friend

Getting the eyelashes to sit perfectly in the corners of your eye can be very difficult. Your fingers are too big and they simply will not get into the corner of the eye correctly. Use tweezers to get the lashes in the corner of the eye. The tweezers allow you to position the eyelash perfectly and hold it in the correct position until the eyelash has adhered to the adhesive and will stay in place.

Some women become so adept at applying false eyelashes that they can do it without tweezers. It is far better to use the accessory and get that perfect placement, until atleast you have gained a lot of experience.

Hiding the Strip

When you put your lashes on you may see that the strip the lashes are sewn to is noticeable on your eyelid. To hide this strip you will need to use eyeliner. You need either a gel liner that has an angled tip or a good liquid liner to cover the strip. It acts as a great camouflage for the strip, maybe even convincing one or two of your friends that the false lash is actually a natural one.

Begin placing the liner just outside of where the strip is in the corner of your eye. Then cover the entire strip with eyeliner, and extend the eyeliner just a tiny bit past the strip. This allows you to camouflage the strip and hide it.

Have Patience

When you first start putting false eyelashes on you will find that the process is time consuming. You need to be patient with yourself as you are developing this skill. Do not rush the process.

Increase the amount of time that you have set aside for your daily makeup applications by as much as twenty minutes. This will give you ample time to cut, size, glue, and apply mascara to your new lashes.

Practice when you have nowhere to go

If you have never put false eyelashes on before then you may not know how your skin will react to the adhesive. A good time to practice applying false lashes is when you’re planning on a quiet night (or day) in. This will allow you to see if your eyes react and water incessantly, or if you have some other reaction to the adhesive.

If you do react to the adhesive you should try different brands to find which ones are best suited to your skin type.

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