How to Reinvent your Wardrobe on a Budget

Do you frequently find yourself standing in front of your closet for what seems like ages trying to figure out what’s the perfect outfit for the day but for some reason you simply can’t find anything that pleases you? Then you’re probably fed up with everything you own and need to spruce things up. But that’s often easier said than done, especially if your bank account is more lemonade than champagne. So what’s a girl to do when you don’t have the financial muscle to flip your entire wardrobe? Well, that’s a problem many ladies go through, but luckily here are 2 cheap tricks on how to reinvent your wardrobe on a budget.

Try some DIY Pieces

If you have a few outfits in your closet that still have fashion potential but you’re just not feeling them anymore, think again. This could be the perfect opportunity to reinvent your style. Perhaps it’s that dress that you still love the print on it but you haven’t worn in a while. Or it’s that vest that you used to love but a few details seem a bit off from what you prefer nowadays. These could be pieces that offer promise and with a few creative DIY touches you may add some zing to them.

How about you cut that hem dress and transform it into a crop top? If you still love the pattern on the top half, you’ll certainly enjoy wearing it as a blouse or shirt. And if you still feel the vest but it no longer makes fashion sense to you, try adding a few details like tassels or pompom fringes to the sleeves or hem to give it a trendy new look and totally transform it. These are just a few tweaks that can have a lot to pull. They will totally change the outfits and make you feel as if you have some new items to try on in your fashion collection.

Try to Layer Pieces

You’d be stunned by what new chic looks you can get out of some of the pieces you thought you didn’t need when you just combine them in a smart way. You’ll be completely amazed when you see that you can layer a skirt over a dress. Or think about how some ladies in Pantyhose ,a sweater over a skirt, and some knee-long boots look totally edgy. That’s just another way you can layer some pieces you already have and get a trendy new look while doubling the prospects in your closet. 

Try popping your sweaters over dresses to transform them into skirts. And those frocks you’re so indifferent about can be turned into fun tops. The best thing about layering is that you’ll have more to work with when it comes to mixing patterns and colors. In a nutshell, just try to be more creative with the pieces you already have.

From workouts to watering holes, it’s a widely known fact that you cannot always rely too much on your same old outfits. It’s simply getting stuck in a rut. While it may be easy to reinvent your fashion style with a six-digit salary and a personal stylist on call, it’s a daunting task if you are struggling financially. Whether you’re feeling the need to smarten up for an upcoming event or you’re just sick of being asked whose funeral it is every other day, these two hacks can help you step out in style without breaking the bank.

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