Excel Dashboard Templates – Use Types Of Templates To Boost

For taking your important business objectives, you can use a dashboard report by displaying it on a single page. You can enter the important data of your company graphically using charts and tables. You can even put there gauges and maps in your multiple spreadsheets. Spreadsheets of Excel could also be used in calculating the data that has been used to analyze other data.

These custom excel sheets could be shaped whatever you want according to your needs and business data model. Graphs could also be used and written data can also be entered into the tables. You could also compile the already made templates in the excel file. These templates are free to download in all Excel versions depending on the graphics you are using. Excel 2010 has almost every template working in that. It is very easy to make a smart sheet with the dashboard on an online work tool for management.

There are different types of named templates though you can also create your own, we will tell you about some of them.

·         Project Management Dashboard Template

Top managers to see all the stats of a project in one go use this template. They see multiple practical works on a single page in a single snapshot. All the tracking of the project and progress increasing or decreasing can be shown easily in it. You can also share it with your team members and it will be easy for you to change what is not going up to the mark in the project being developed.

·         Sales Management Template

You can create a graphical representation of your sales in this template. If things are not going well you will know instantly and you can order managers to boost it and make it up to the mark what your company deserves. Sales management does not differ from other management; the main goal of everything management does is to increase sales. So, having a clear eye on your sales graph is the most important thing as it is the result of your hard work done through now on an ongoing project.

·         Portfolio Dashboard Template

The project management dashboard has been mainly used to check and balance one project if you to add multiple projects on a single page, then you can use this template. The portfolio template displays KPIs of different projects you have done or the projects that have been still ongoing.

Through this, you can see which project needs more attention. You can also change the budget of the projects that have been going too fast above you set more budget to that and can send other labor there, can also boost the slow ones. These portfolio templates will also help you get more clients for the company.

Basic Use Of Excel

Excel is an application used at homes, in offices, and in all the government segments for crafting charts inhabiting vital details.  You don’t need to know much about Excel to use it. But if you need to make specified excel dashboard templates like above then you should need to learn it being serious.

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