Care tips by Dr. Cadili to spend healthy winter in Regina

During the winter season, hour body needs a little extra care and don’t forget your skin that stays underneath a thick layer of clothes. Winter can be a challenging time to take adequate care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle. Days are shorter, the temperature is also low during this time. Most of the time is spent indoors and therefore we keep breathing dry recirculated air. Dr Cadili shares some proven tips that are going to work well for you for the winter season and with the help of his tips, you will stay healthy throughout.

Enjoy your winter holidays happily and spend quality time with your friends and family.

  • Don’t forget the flu shot – Stay well prepared to fight winters and its flu by getting a flu vaccination. When you get an influenza vaccination the risk of getting infected by the flu gets reduced to half or more. The illness is also cured faster with the help of this vaccine even if you get the flu. The best time to get your flu shot is the month of November. It is just before the flu season begins.

  • Wash your hands often – When the days are chilling and water is freezing people often don’t want to wash their hands. This is another reason for falling ill often during the winter season. We should pay close attention to the habit of washing hands and should ensure that our hands are washed at least five times a day to stay away from catching viruses. Stay healthy not only during winter but all year round by developing this habit.

  • Watch what you eat and drink – Beverages, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners and high-fat comfort foods are mostly loved during winters and the holiday season. Such food products can affect the blood sugar level, energy levels and can also affect one’s mood. You should have more nutrient-rich food like whole grains, vegetables, and other things that are loaded with vitamins and proteins. Stay hydrated as well and drink enough water.

  • Go outside and get some sun – Bundle up if it is cold outside and go out to get some fresh air and sunlight. They are essential for our body as sunlight helps our bodies to produce vitamin D and fresh air freshen up mind and soul. They also help to boost the energy level of your body and your mood is refreshed as well.

Winter is harsh for your skin as well, so don’t forget to moisturize to protect your soft skin from cold weather. Smell good and feel great. Try to minimize stressful activities and don’t take too much of stress in general. All these things if ignored can make you susceptible to illness. So take some out for yourself and put up with extra care so that you can give care to your family as well. Be prepared and pose healthy living tips so that keep winter challenges at bay. Follow Dr Cadili’s advice and make the most of the special time of the year.

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