Tips A Homeowner Should Follow Before Hiring A Garage Door Repair Company

The garage door repair industry for established, brick and mortar businesses like Five Star Doors located in S.E. Michigan are dealing with an onslaught of fake business listings on Google. Every week, several fraudulent listings pop up via Google business listings to gain a competitive advantage in the search listings. They are knocking legitimate garage door repair companies further down the page where many of them resort to Google ads.

Ad click costs have risen as much as 400% the past twelve months for keywords like garage door opener, garage door repair. For example, the keyword phrase “closest garage door repair” costs $57 per click. If it takes two clicks to get a phone call and two phone calls to get one service call, the advertising cost is $228 for a service call that may charge the customer less than $100. Therefore, many companies have raised their standard service call fee by 50%.

Tips A Homeowner can follow before hiring a garage door repair Company

  • An excellent reputable licensed contractor will post-license information on their website

  • Google the business address on their website and make sure it’s there and not an empty building or house or virtual office

  • Don’t be fooled by advertised low-cost service call fees – That is a trip charge fee just to come out to your home. Then they promise to waive the service call fee if you proceed with the repair but at higher than average repair costs.

  • Check reviews on Google and Yelp and look for reviews with substance over quantity. Fifty long, well thought out reviews are better than 500 reviews that say a great job.

  • The company, with the most reviews, doesn’t make it the best. In Michigan, the leading door repair company charges $800 to $1000 for the same job; other door repair companies charge $250.

  • Clicking on adds may raise the cost of your repair. Unless you use a VPN, everything you visit or click on points back to your location. Angie’s list is an excellent site to check what the company charges for a service. If your invoice is10% or higher, question why.

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