Instagram marketing tips for your business

Millions of people use Instagram daily, some of them use this for sharing pictures and some use this platform for business purposes. Instagram is the most efficient platform to promote your business after facebook it is the biggest social media platform with billions of users. Instagram can help you promote your business to the right people and generate sales and conversions for you.

In this article, we will discuss the Instagram marketing tips you can use to promote your business. Without wasting any further time let’s get started with the article.

Tell the story using photos and videos 

Photos are worth a thousand words and it is the main thing in Instagram marketing. Choosing the right photo can lead you to connect with millions of Instagram users daily, if you are into Instagram marketing then you have to post photos daily to reach users and if you do this Instagram algorithm will promote you. The picture does not need to be quite professional, but the main thing is that your picture should describe the scope of your product and the goods you are promoting.

Videos are also important in Instagram, You can create and share the video with your employees so they can promote it on their connect or you can do a live product review video and share it with your Instagram users. Pictures and videos have higher authority then text files because most people like videos and if they share your video your product can get trending.

Use quality media 

To improve your visibility, use high-quality pictures and videos in your Instagram feed. If possible hire a photographer to take your product pictures or you can click photos yourself with your camera from the best angle. Edit your photos for better results, nowadays there are many tools that you can use to edit photos on your phone and Instagram also provides editing in its app too.

Connect with our followers

Connecting with your followers and replying to their comments can help you boost your sales. You are building a relationship with your customers and customers like being treated well. Your Instagram followers can significantly improve the visibility of your brand and you should never underestimate this. There are some proven ways you can apply to bring more authentic followers. Sides Media recommends using an Instagram bot to be more productive and save time.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags in Instagram is a great way to reach new followers you can find trending hashtags and use them in your post to reach more audience and it will increase your audience. You need to check Instagram analytics to check your progress this will tell you what things are you missing and what is needed to be done on your Instagram account.

Use branded hashtags

You should use branded hashtags in your posts. Use unique hashtags for a particular promotional campaign you run. This will not only promote your campaign, but it will also provide a unique hashtag for your clients to connect and share with other participants.

Be active

Post at least once daily to keep your account alive and keep things running. If you don’t post on your account then the Instagram algorithm may think it is a dead page and can remove your posts from its news feed.


If you are starting with Instagram marketing and if you follow all the above points, you will surely get ranking and sell your products or make new clients through Instagram.

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