How To Choose A Wedding Bouquet That Is Right For You

One of the hardest parts of arranging the wedding is choosing the type of bouquet that will best suit the wedding. Its not an easy part, because you have to choose a wedding bouquet that will best suit the wedding and the bridal rest of the bridal party and it will suit your wedding theme.

If you get this wrong rather show your best features or bouquet will show your flaws. This is the main reason for choosing the best bouquet for a wedding so you should not be cringing while seeing your wedding photos. In this article, I will show you how to choose the best bouquet for a wedding but first I want to give you a bit of advice.

Your friends, family members will help you in choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding, if you are lucky then they will all agree on the same bouquet but if you are unlucky you have to hear everyone’s advice on choosing the bouquet. Most of the time all of your friends and family will agree on the different bouquets and that is the worst part of getting different advice. Don’t listen to any of them and if you start listening to everyone’s advice you will end up buying the worst bouquet for your wedding. If you are getting confused and can’t decide what bouquet you want then you can check the online store and let them do the difficult task like in hong kong they have hong kong flower delivery available online you can also search online for your nearest flower shop for home delivery.

Its your wedding and your day so choose the bouquet you like and don’t listen to anyone, thank your friends and family for their opinion but do what you like. Now I have given you my little advice about its time I I tell you how you can choose a bouquet.

There are four things you should look at when finding a bouquet.

Choose silk flowers because they are cheaper than fresh flowers and can be kept for longer without preserving.

The type of stems you choose will limit the type of bouquets you can make

You should try to keep the flower girl bouquets in a similar style, but try to make them smaller. As it is your wedding and you are the star of your wedding

If you want to make your bouquet then silk flowers are the best choice and you don’t have to worry about damaging the flowers.

The most important things to consider is choosing the right style of bouquet for your body shape

  1. Short ladies

We would recommend that short ladies should go for a sheath bouquet, as they need to add height. This type of bouquet will give you more length illusion, while a posy will make you even more compact and look short.

  1. Tall ladies

We recommend that tall ladies should go for a large posy or a medium teardrop bouquet. A large bouquet will drop the people’s eye down so they won’t focus on your height. A medium teardrop will also drop the eye down so your height looks evener.

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